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Genuine Work From Home Jobs in the UK

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated September, 13, 2022

Remote working is slowly becoming the new normal for people in many industries. 

But, what type of jobs can you do remotely and where can you find genuine work from home jobs in the UK? 

Let’s find out. 

Genuine Work From Home Jobs in the UK

Working from home comes with many benefits. In addition to skipping long commutes and transportation expenses, in most cases, remote jobs are flexible, which means you can set your own schedule and figure out a work-life balance.

What’s more, many companies that offer genuine work from home jobs in the UK require little to no experience and most of them are well-paid. 

According to Sifted, the average salary for remote roles is £67,250, though this largely depends on the type of work you do.

But, what kind of job can you do from home?

Legitimate work from home jobs in the UK

If you’re looking to start working from home, but aren’t sure what you can find on the market, here are some of the most common remote roles:

  • Freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the most flexible work from home jobs in the UK. This role doesn’t require any specific qualifications or experience, but writers often need to have a good grasp of the English language.

If you’re an experienced writer, the best way to make sure you get the job is to submit a portfolio to show some of your written work. If you don’t, you can enrol in an online writing course and join platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Earnings: £10-£20 for shorter blog posts; up to £100 for more in-depth, technical articles.

  • Freelance bookkeeper

Bookkeeping requires keeping records of transactions and organising finances, such as 

entering data, paying for supplies, filing invoices, and covering late payments.

Most bookkeepers use different types of software to complete their tasks and keep track of important numbers and information, which means you might need to enrol in some online classes to learn how they work, provided that you’re a beginner.

Earnings: £8- £15 an hour.

  • Blogger

Blogging is one of the genuine work at home jobs where you can earn a full-time income. All you’ll need to do is set up a website, find a niche, and start writing.

It can also prove to be a good side hustle while you’re focusing on your studies, projects, or work, as long as you find an audience for your content. 

Earnings: £29,157 per year

  • Virtual assistant

If you have great organisation skills and are looking for jobs you can do from home in the UK, then you might want to consider becoming a virtual assistant. 

Virtual assistants organise emails, arrange travel, make phone calls, and schedule appointments. 

The best way to get more clients is to set up a website and pitch your service to a niche industry that you’re familiar with.

Earnings: £8- £15 per hour.

  • Social media manager

Companies that have an online presence are always on the lookout for social media managers.

This role requires creating different types of content, understanding what works on social media, writing copy, and replying to messages and comments. 

The downside is most companies want candidates to have at least some experience in marketing and social media.

Earnings: £19,000-£,40000 a year.

  • Online tutor

Online tutoring is on of the best self-employment ideas for anyone in the education sector or people who are experts in a given subject. 

The advantage of being a tutor is that you pick how many students you have and make your own schedule, which makes it one of the best work from home jobs for mums.

Earnings: £15- £20 an hour.

  • Audio transcriber

Audio transcription involves listening to voice recording and transcribing the content in text documents– anything from voice notes and lectures to conference calls and podcasts. 

Requirements often include excellent grammar, the ability to type quickly and accurately, and basic knowledge of the type of content you’re transcribing. 

You can usually find job adverts for audio transcribers on LinkedIn and sites like Fiverr. 

Earnings: $15 – $22 per audio hour.

  • Customer service representative

If you’re looking for work from home with no experience in the UK, you might want to consider customer service. 

Customer service representatives respond to questions from clients via email, phone, and sometimes, social media. In addition to good communication skills and self-control, this job requires a good Wi-Fi connection, a solid laptop, and a quiet workspace, provided that you speak to clients on the phone.

Earnings: $35,830 a year.

  • Data entry

Legitimate data entry jobs from home in the UK can be done remotely thanks to computer databases. 

Most companies that are looking for data entry specialists are likely to require candidates to have some experience but many of them also provide employee training.

 If you’re not sure about applying for a job with no experience or knowledge, you can find some free (or cheap) online courses to give you an idea of what the job entails.

 Earnings: £21,000 a year.

  • Search engine evaluator

Evaluating search engines is one of the best jobs from home in the UK.

Search engine evaluators have excellent analytic and research skills, are proficient in computer operating software, and are familiar with web searches and search engines.

Fewer companies are willing to hire a search engine evaluator without experience and you’ll have to pass a qualification exam before you’re considered for the job. 

Earnings: £8- £10 an hour.

  • Amazon virtual jobs

Amazon offers a range of legit work from home jobs in the UK like customer service, technical support, marketing strategists, and financial managers. 

The company prioritises individuals with experience and you can only apply for a remote job only if you live in an area where the Amazon facility is located.

Earnings: Varies depending on the job you choose.

  • Graphic designer

Full-time or part time home based jobs in the UK like graphics designing mainly require a good computer and access to the right software, which makes them the ideal remote jobs and one of the best stay at home mum jobs.

Graphic designers are often required to be familiar with the fine arts, have the ability to pay attention to detail, have good communications skills, and have knowledge of media production and computer operating systems. 

The downside is these job posts are rarely open to people with no experience or educational background. 

Earnings: £34,283 a year.

  • Tech support

Working from home as tech support is similar to working as customer support, but instead of answering questions from clients, you’ll help customers that have a problem with a specific product.

The role requires good communication skills and a good understanding of how the product works.

Earnings: £9-£15 per hour.

Genuine Home Based Jobs in the UK

If you can’t quite find a role that you can do from the comfort of your own home,  but you still wouldn’t want to spend 8 hours in an office,  you can consider some roles that are home-based.

  • Child sitter

Child sitting is one of the best home-based jobs that requires zero experience

In the UK, anyone who wants to be a child sitter has to register with the Care Inspectorate and familiarise themselves with mandatory guidelines and requirements. Some parents might ask for Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) certification, certification in first aid and child and infant CPR,  and a clean driving record. 

Earnings: £5 per hour.

  • Pet sitter

If you love pets and are looking for work from home ideas in the UK with no set working hours, pet sitting might be the right role for you. 

It’s a great start-up job for children and anyone that’s looking to earn some extra cash in their free time. 

Before you apply, keep in mind that you might need to walk more than one dog at the same time and that you’ll be responsible for anything that happens while they’re under your care.

Earnings: £20 per day/per dog.

  • Ironing and seamstress services

Jobs like ironing and mending peoples’ clothes are excellent part-time and full-time choices. 

Not only can they help you earn some quick cash, but you won’t need to make any serious investments– all you’ll need is a decent iron and a big space where you can keep the clothes. 

If you’re not keen on opening your own business, you can apply for this role with a large laundry service.

Earnings: £8 to £10 an hour.

  • Hairdresser/beauty technician

Hairdressing and beauty technicians are popular genuine work from home jobs for mums in the UK. In fact, the hairdressing, barbering, and beauty business in the United Kingdom employed nearly 288,000 people in 2020.

Both hairdressers and beauty technicians are required to undergo professional training and complete a course so they’re certified to work in the field. Unlike other roles on this list, this often requires opening your own businesses and investing in tools like makeup, hair and nail care tools.

Earnings: £13 per hour.

  • Baking from home

Baking is a lucrative business and an excellent choice for people that are looking for 

genuine work from home jobs that can bring in serious cash. 

Baking cakes is a well-paid skill in the business, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can opt for something smaller, like sweets.

However, to start baking from home you will have to open a business and make sure you meet all health and safety requirements for the job. 

Earnings: Depends on your skills and offered products.

  • Crafting jobs

If you’re a person who’s good at arts and crafts, then you might be able to turn your talents into part-time or full-time work from home. 

Whether you’re making self-care boxers or crafting candles, you’re bound to find customers on sites like Etsy.

Earnings:  £32.500 a year.

Where Can You Find Work From Home Jobs?

There are countless places online where you can find remote work. Some of the popular sites are: 

  • Working Mums
  • Linkedin
  • Guardian Jobs
  • Mintio.co.uk
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed
  • Freelancer
  • ExpressWriters
  • Upwork
  • CloudPeeps

Things to Look Out for When Looking for a Work From Home Job

While platforms are making efforts to prevent scams like pyramid schemes, sometimes, scammers manage to slip through the cracks. 

To make sure you’re on the safe side, it’s best to steer clear of job adverts that require payment upfront or “employers” that require you to invest your earnings (rather than send your earnings to you directly).

What Do You Need for a Work From Home Job in the UK?

If you decide to work from home, there are a couple of you need to take care of:

  • Check your insurance policy

Before looking into full-time or part time work from home jobs, check if your insurance policy covers your remote job. If you’re not sure, you can call your insurer and ask him to explain what your policy covers and whether you’ll need a new one.

  • Register for Self Assessment

Regardless of whether you’re working for yourself or invoicing clients, you’ll have to register as a self-employed individual and pay your own taxes.

  • Opening up a PayPal account

Setting up a PayPal account is crucial for all remote workers and it’s one of the best and safest ways to receive payments. However, keep in mind that Paypal charges transaction fees.

Pros and Cons of Home-Based and Remote Jobs

Before you jump on the bandwagon of remote and home-based work, you should weigh all the pros and cons.

Flexible working hoursDistractions at home
Cost-savingSecurity issues (applies to online work)
Saves timeLoss of work-life balance
No long commutes

Bottom Line 

Working from home not only enables people to balance their work and personal life, but it eliminates daily commutes, helps you save money on transportation, and allows you to set your own schedule. 

What’s more, with the rise of remote jobs, there are plenty of roles that you can do from the comfort of your own home and earn a full-time income. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

1. What are the highest paying work from home jobs in the UK?

The highest paying home-based jobs in the UK are freelance artists, graphic designers, freelance quantity surveyors, and tax consultants.

2. How do I know if a work-from-home job is legitimate?

To make sure a job offer is legitimate, check the company’s website and see if you can find the job advert there. If the company has an opening in the role you’re interested in, it’s best to apply for it through their website. 

3. What job can I do from home with no qualifications?

Job openings for virtual assistants, freelance writers, and customer service representatives generally don’t require any prior experience, though requirements vary based on the position. 

4. Which site is best for work-from-home?

Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are the best job platforms to look for genuine work from home jobs  in the UK.

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