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Effect Of Online Learning On Mental Health

Written by, Martina Georgievska

Updated January, 3, 2022

Technology has been incorporated into every pore of our life. Since the pandemic, virtual communication has helped students continue their education, but unfortunately, not everything is as we hoped.

Stay with us to learn more about the effect of online learning on mental health.

How Online Education Affects The Mental Health 

Virtual Learning Fatigue

Virtual learning fatigue is about to kick in when students feel completely saturated from everything online education has brought up. Using a number of different digital tools during studying and feeling fatigue at the end of the lectures can add more stress and exhaustion. In addition, they can decrease their motivation and productivity workflow. 

Anxiety and Stress

Since the start of online education, we can see an increased number of students suffering from anxiety. Data shows that students mental health during online learning had increased compared to pre-pandemic times. Adjusting to new routines and studying methods creates significant stress and discouragement between students

Social Isolation and Lack Of Interaction

We are social beings thriving for human interaction, verbal or non-verbal communication. It’s our nature to give better results when working in a group. Therefore class participation is essential for students’ success. The more students ask questions in class (which is harder during online lectures), the more likely they will understand the material and be motivated for the following chapters.

Pros of Online Learning 

No Bullying

Living in a cruel society, harsh for students with sensitive nature, there are a lot of teens who are victims of bullying at school. Staying at home and attending online lectures helped these students to rest and feel safe while showing better results than the traditional school. 

Learning At Your Own Pace

We can’t deny the positive effects of online education. One of them is the possibility to attend lectures from the comfort of your home. This has a positive impact on students because they can have more quality time with their family, get support from home and be flexible when organising their activities. 

 Learning In a Comfortable Space 

Another positive aspect of online learning and mental health is learning from a comfortable space which plays a massive role between students to overcome obstacles and be successful. Whatever environment you perceive as the most suitable space will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

How to Take Care of  Your Mental Health?

Physical activities

Encouraging students to have more physical activities is more challenging than ever. Unlike before, social isolation has limited students’ possibilities to be active. But despite the isolation, students still have a chance to plan their time and space. You can walk to the park and study from there, take short breaks every one hour, subscribe to online yoga classes or do any other activities that will relax you. 

Regular schedule

Maintaining a regular schedule will help students adapt better to the ‘’new normal’’ and reduce their stress. Try to fix your sleeping cycle, go for a daily walk, create a study schedule, talk to a friend or anything that can comfort you and lead you to succeed in your goals. Adding some small changes can make a significant improvement. In addition, adding fun activities like virtual escape rooms can be added to the schedule.

Having a designated study place

A study environment that is too noisy, uncomfortable and dull won’t let students use most of their productivity. Find a peaceful area and ask your family members not to disturb you while attending online meetings and studying. Transforming your study space into an organised corner according to your needs will increase your efficiency and save you from additional stress.

Following healthy habits 

Following healthy habits is strongly recommended for your well-being in order to help yourself during these challenging times. No matter how stressful your day is, try to prepare healthy snacks during your lunch break or take a walk and enjoy nature. Be mindful of your physical health so it can benefit your mental wellness as well. 

Bottom Line

Some students may prefer online education, while others won’t. Using even small gestures like virtual rewards can increase students’ motivation during these difficult times. As social isolation and online learning are our current situation, we all have to collaborate and support each other to overcome this transition better and improve the effect of online learning on mental health.

An aspiring linguist with a background in teaching, I decided to use my years of experience to educate my audience through writing. The chance to apply my knowledge to my articles, fueled by my passion for research helped me develop my skills and learn more along the way, awakening my interest in even more topics. When I’m not typing behind my desk, you’ll find me learning a new language or pouring my thoughts into rhymes.