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Can I Ignore a Euro Car Parks Fine?

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated September, 21, 2022

Can I ignore a Euro Car Parks fine?

Parking tickets from Euro Car Parks (or any private entity) are more like invoices than fines. 

Although they’re often unenforceable– at least, at first– you could pay more than the ‘fine’ if you ignore it entirely.  

In this article, we’ll explain what Euro Car Parks fines are, whether and when you have to pay for them, and how you can appeal a ticket from the company. 

Let’s dive in.

What Is Euro Car Parks?

Euro Car Parks is one of the biggest parking service providers in the UK. 

The company operates over 1,000 car parks across Europe, Ireland, and the UK and offers street parking management in both the private and public sectors.

You might get a ticket from Euro Car Parks– or a Euro Car Parks PCN– at railway stations, airports, supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, and even rooftop structures. 

Parking Charge Notice vs Penalty Charge Notice

The main difference between a Parking Charge Notice and a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is that one is a fine that’s enforceable under UK law, and another is an invoice issued by a private company. 

  • A Penalty Charge Notice is issued by the local authority (council or police). These are official council parking fines that you can get for parking, breaking some traffic rules, and failing to pay the charge for the London congestion zone.
  • A Parking Charge Notice, on the other hand, is issued by a landowner or a parking company operating on private lands. Unlike a Penalty Charge Notice, it is not enforceable by law since it’s not technically a fine– the company is simply notifying you that they believe you have breached your contract with them and need to pay.  

Do You Have To Pay Euro Car Park Fines?

You don’t automatically have to pay a Euro Car Parks parking charge notice.

If you believe that the ticket was fair, you could pay it, and you might be offered a lower price to do so in a certain time frame (usually within the first 14 days). You could also get an emergency loan to cover the costs.

You could also ignore it and do nothing. If this happens, Euro Car Parks will likely chase you for the money– the company can easily find the registered owner of the vehicle and get your personal details through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

If you still refuse to pay, the company can take you to court, where you can make your case. 

If the court sides with Euro Car Parks, you will not be able to ignore the charge, and you’ll likely have to pay more than what you originally received. 

Can Euro Car Parks Send Bailiffs?

Euro Car Parks can employ a debt collection agency, like Capquest and CDER Group, to chase you for the money. 

Debt collection agencies might send their agents to your home, but they are not bailiffs. Bailiffs are enforcement officers that work for the court. 

The company can only send bailiffs to visit you after they obtain a CCJ against you. However, this can only happen after Euro Car Parks takes you to court and wins the case.

Can You Appeal a Parking Charge Notice?

If you believe that the Euro Car Parks charges are unfair, you can appeal the notice with the company. 

Euro Car Parks is a member of the British Parking Association (BPA), which means they have to follow a Code of Practice and can’t ‘fine’ you if the parking sign rules are unclear, if the ticket you’ve paid was not read properly, or if you left the parking lot within the grace period (10 minutes after your Euro Car Parks ticket expired).

If you think that you can challenge the ticket, it’s best to gather all the evidence you may need on the stop. You can take pictures, request CCTV footage, and keep copies of the correspondence from the company.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Euro Car Parks Fine?

If you fail to pay a Euro Car Parks fine, the company can:

  • Send multiple payment requests.
  • Add late charges and fees to the original amount.
  • Threaten to take legal action against you.
  • Give your details to a debt collection agency.

Do Euro Car Parks Take You To Court?

Euro Car Parks can take the case to court to recover what you owe. If they’re successful, you will likely have to pay for other costs on top of the original fine.

Note that if the company obtains a CCJ against you, it will be recorded on your credit file and will negatively affect your credit score

How To Pay a Euro Car Parks Fine?

To pay a Parking Charge Notice from Euro Car Parks:

  1. Go to the Euro Car Parks website.
  2. Click on ‘Pay Parking Charge Notice’ from the left-side menu bar.
  3. Enter the Parking Charge Notice’s number and your vehicle’s registration.
  4. Choose a type of payment and enter the necessary details. 

Note: If there’s an issue with your transaction, your money will be refunded, and the notice will revert to being an outstanding debt.

Bottom Line 

If you’re wondering, ‘Can I ignore a Euro Car Parks fine?’, the short answer is yes. If you believe that the company has unfairly placed a Parking Charge Notice on your windshield, you can contact them and appeal it. Keep in mind that if you break the rules, Euro Car Parks can take you to court, and you’ll face a much higher charge than the original.

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