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Best Things to Buy and Sell for Profit in the UK

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated September, 5, 2022

Product flipping is a great money-making opportunity. The idea is to buy items at a lower cost and resell them at a higher price later on.

In this article, we look at the best things to buy and sell for profit in the UK. You might even have some of them stashed at home!

Let’s dive right in!

14 Best Items to Buy and Sell for Profit in the UK

1. Books

Nowadays, selling books is much less profitable due to the advent of digital media and electronic books. However, you can still make a good profit if you find special editions of books, older tomes, or author-signed books.

2. Toys

Good things to buy and sell for money also include popular toy products, especially if they are classic editions and/or in mint condition. After searching for toys in your own cupboard, in thrift shops, or on Amazon and eBay, verify their value before offering them for sale. Using eBay to sell your merch can be easier with their distribution tool.

3. Branded Clothing

When looking for ways to make extra money by buying and selling items in the UK, branded clothing is one of the best choices you can make. Anyone that appreciates designer clothes knows that pieces made by eminent designers hold their value indefinitely. Therefore, if you chance upon branded clothing in great condition, you may be able to rake in quite a profit.

4. Antiques

Some of the most valuable items you could sell are antiques, especially those with proof of origin. Alas, tracking down valuable items to resell through antique shops and forgotten cellars requires time and patience. If you believe you have found a historic trinket, painting, or another valuable object, take it to an appraiser first to ensure you are holding the real deal. Don’t hesitate to post them online as all ages have been shopping online for great finds.

5. Electrical Appliances

Home appliances are always in demand in this day and age, and they are some of the easiest things to flip for profit in the UK. Many potential customers are willing to pay for electronics they need, especially if they are cheaper than brand new. You can sell anything from an old digital camera to electric blankets, blenders, phones, computers, and more.

6. Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are some of the best items to flip in the UK, particularly those made from precious metals. However, even some branded watches, necklaces, bracelets, and other similar items might have a great resale value, regardless of whether or not they are made by cheaper materials. Ultimately, look for special vintage pieces that are hard to find.

7. Vinyl Records

Vinyl is back in style! Since bands have started releasing music on vinyl yet again, the value of older and rarer records has increased. Check your basement, your parents’ basement, look for rare vinyl records on eBay and Amazon, try them at home, restore their cover, then sell them.

8. Wedding Dresses

Nobody would expect wedding dresses to be some of the best items to resell in the UK. But, after their price hike in recent years, newly engaged brides are looking into second-hand options (especially brand pieces) more and more. Some people have even made a business out of selling used wedding dresses and wedding accessories, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

9. Video Games and Consoles

When buying and selling items to make money, the younger generation also sees value in video games and consoles as they are part of the most popular modern pastime. Since newly released games are expensive to get by, some gamers prefer waiting for a certain period of time to buy them off those who have already beat them.

10. Ink Cartridges

Believe it or not, printer ink is still an in-demand and expensive tech commodity, so naturally, many resellers invest time and money into tracking cheaper ink and toner cartridges that they could resell for a profit. The best place to buy this raw material is online marketplaces or large office sales, where you may find other resalable office items.

11. Old CDs and DVDs

Since we live in the digital era, old CDs and DVDs are among the best things to sell online nowadays. These optical disks hold good resale value since most modern users have the devices needed to play them, and buying them new is several times as expensive. Therefore, if you have some CDs and DVDs that you no longer use, you can sell them for a profit.

12. Sporting Goods

Buying sporting equipment can get quite expensive at times, so part-time athletes look for their rackets, weights, shoes, and more on the second-hand market. Since the price and desirability of these items are at an all-time high, you should look for them in garage sales, buy them off your neighbours or the internet, restore them if needed, then sell them in sporting groups.

13. Gift Cards

Gift cards are as good as cash in certain situations, thus making them some of the best items to flip in the UK. If you have won certain gift cards or gotten them in any deal, you can sell them directly to interested customers or use sites that buy them, such as Raise or CardCash.

14. Collector’s Items

Like selling antiques, collector’s items hold great value with many potential customers. When it comes to special and rare items, you need to conduct thorough research on which items are in-demand, easy to get by, and valued Like selling antiques, collector’s items hold great value with many potential customers. When it comes to special and rare items, you need to conduct thorough research on which items are in-demand, easy to get by, and valued highly. Mainly, items like comic books, coins, stamps, fine art, and so on are always popular and have a dedicated fan base. Once you take good pictures of them, it’s bound to be picked up as more people do their shopping on their mobile.

Final Words

If you are a budding UK entrepreneur looking to make extra money by buying and selling for profit, you will surely be successful once you research the most in-demand items right now. This article aims to help you by providing a detailed list of the things that hold the best resale value on the second-hand market.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

1. Where to find things to resell for a profit?

Once you find anything valuable lying around your home, you can visit thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales, or even buy products from Amazon and eBay.

2. What is the easiest thing to flip for profit?

Depends on the current market demand and your sales skills. However, if you focus on items you know a lot about, you will recognise their value and consequently sell them faster.

3. Is it legal to buy and resell items in the UK?

Yes, buying and selling for profit is legal if you make legal purchases and buy legal goods and services. For the best things to buy and sell for profit in the UK, check out the sections above.

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