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Bed Height Guide: What’s the Ideal Bed Height?

Written by, Viktor Gruevski

Updated July, 18, 2023

Are you shopping for a bed? Do you have trouble deciding the right height for you? 

Age, pain, sleep partners, and even mattress thickness can make choosing the best bed height a bit complicated.

No worries!

This guide will run through the most significant things you need to know to determine the ideal bed height so that the bed bugs won’t bite.

What’s the Ideal Bed Height? 

The average bed height is 24 inches, including the bed frame and the mattress. However, most manufacturers out there offer beds within the 18 to 36 inches range.

The quickest way to see if the bed’s the right height is to sit on the edge of the bed frame, and if your hips and knees are aligned, and your feet are flat on the floor, the height is ideal.

That said, the ideal bed height depends on your height as well. If you are taller, you might prefer a higher bed base for an easier transition, like a divan bed that can be up to 30 inches high. 

On the other hand, shorter people may prefer low-level beds, such as a platform bed that is typically around 20 inches tall.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Bed Height?

Let’s briefly look over some important factors to think about when choosing the right bed for your needs.

Sleeping Partners

Finding the right bed height can be even more challenging if you live with a partner that is significantly taller (or shorter) than you. 

In that case, you would either have to make compromises and choose an average-sized bed or consider buying a bed step that will make it easier for you or your partner to get in and out of bed. 


Another important factor to think about is the age of the sleeper. 

Older people would require a low-level bed frame making it easier to move around without straining their joints. 

Children do not have this problem because they are at ease at any bed height, whether it’s a cabin or a bunk bed. However, it’s recommended that you get your children a lower bed frame since there is less chance of injury if they accidentally roll over or fall off.

Mattress Thickness

The thickness of your mattress should complement your bed frame. Hence, choosing a shorter bed frame is ideal if you want a thicker mattress for more comfort. A thinner mattress, on the other hand, is a smart idea if you want a tall bed frame.

Back Pain 

Back comfort depends a lot on the bed height. A bed that is too low will cause joint aches, while a bed that is too high might lead to back issues and sore legs—one of the reasons why an average high bed would be the best option.

If you suffer from back or joint pain, choosing a bed is even more important. In that case, go for a taller rather than lower bed as the former will not cause as much damage to your spine as the latter. 

Feng Shui 

According to Feng Shui consultants, the height of your bed frame can determine the quality of your sleep and overall mood. They suggest that “chi” needs to flow around your bed. Thus, a bed that is too short can block the flow, and a bed that is too high might lead to a restless night.

Style Preferences 

Finally, bed height also affects the overall look of your bedroom. While a short bed might seem more contemporary and modest, a taller bed frame appears more refined and luxurious. 

Consider the size of your bedroom as well—a tall bed would be more at home in a big room with high ceilings, whereas a lower bed might get lost in all that space. 

Types of Bed Frames 

What about bed bases? How do they affect the height of the bed?

Divan Beds

Divan beds allow you to maximise space and comfort as they often come with a storage option that includes drawers in their box spring base. A standard platform divan bed has a 14-inch base, and when a wheel is added, the total height adds up to 15.5 inches. In some cases, however, the overall bed can go up to 30 inches. 

Still, divans are preferred by shorter people and people who are looking for extra storage.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds range in height from 12 to 18 inches. 

The best adjustable beds are easy to operate, letting you change the height of the bed with the push of a button. What’s more, these beds allow users to adapt the height of separate sections (legs, back, head), making them the perfect option for people who have health and mobility issues. 

Day Beds

Day beds, a.k.a sofa beds, are most popular for their multi-functionality and convertible mechanism and are incredibly useful if you live in or share a flat. Including both the back cushion and the seat height, a typical sofa should be about 33 inches high, making them slightly taller than the average bed, which is another ideal option for shorter people. 

How to Raise the Bed

If you already have a bed that you love but find it too low for you, you can always employ cheaper solutions to make it taller. 

Bed Riser

Bed risers, ranging from 1 to 12 inches in height, are sturdy cube-shaped furniture accessories you can attach to your bed’s legs to give it the height you want. 

They come in plastic, wood, and steel to fit any bedroom style. 

Mattress Topper

Alternatively, you can go for a mattress topper. Ranging from 2 to 4 inches, a mattress topper would heighten the bed and give you added comfort. 

In fact, the top mattress toppers on the market are an excellent choice if your mattress is worn out or uncomfortable to sleep on. They can also help make the bed softer or firmer, depending on your needs. 

Bottom Line 

If you find yourself dreading the pain of getting in and out of bed every day, it’s time to take a closer look at the height of your bed frame. 

Carefully consider all the important factors before purchasing a bed frame. Make sure that it is tall enough for your height and fits into the look and style of your bedroom. Also, think about how the bed height will affect your partner and your comfort. 

With that in mind, you are sure to find a bed frame that will ensure a peaceful, rather than difficult, crawl into bed.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

What is a low profile bed? 

Low profile beds are those that are closer to the floor and are typically 18-24 inches high.

Is it better to have your bed high or low?

Beds for tall people should be higher, and vice versa. A low-level bed frame, on the other hand, is highly recommended for kids and the elderly to prevent injuries in case of a fall.

What is the standard height for a bed?

The average bed height is 24 inches, but at the end of the day, the best height differs for each individual.

Does bed height affect comfort?

Yes, bed height is closely linked to comfort. A bed that is too high would require you to jump in and out every morning, while a short bed can cause serious back and joint issues.

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