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What Year Is A Reg?

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated December, 14, 2022

Figuring out what year is A reg can be quite confusing, especially if you have no experience with car registration systems.

Luckily, we can help you out.

In this article, we’ll guide you through each number plate system’s registration year, so you can find out exactly how old a vehicle’s registration is.

Let’s dive in.

How do you find out the year of your car?

With the current car registration system working out a registration year for a vehicle is relatively simple once you understand the way the age indicator changes over time.

This system was introduced in 2001 in the format AB12 ABC, and it includes

  • Local Memory tag – the first two letters that indicate where the vehicle was first registered. The first letter is the area of registration, and the second is the local DVLA office
  • Age indicator – the two numbers in the middle that indicate the year of the car
  • Random letters – the last three numbers are unique to the vehicle, and they’re chosen randomly for identification purposes

Each year in the UK there are issued two sets of plates – first in March and then in September. If a vehicle was registered between March and August of a given year, the age indicator on the vehicle’s number plate will represent the same number as that particular year. For instance, if the car was registered in the first part of 2019, the age indicator on the number plate will be 18.

For vehicles that are registered between September and February, it’s a bit different – here, the age indicator will always be 50 plus the year number. Therefore, if the car has a 68 reg, the year of the registration will be 68 minus 50 or 2018.

Here is the current system’s car registration years chart for UK vehicles:

Car reg yearFrom 1st March to 31 AugustFrom 1st September to 28 February

The old car registration systems were a bit more complicated because instead of numbers they used a single letter as an age identifier. So, to work out the age of a car, you would have to know which letter was used for each year – and some letters were skipped because of their similarity to other letters and numbers.

At first, the so-called suffix system was used where registration plates were in the format of ABC 123A, with the last letter representing the year of registration. This system ran from 1963 to 1982 and once all the letters were used, the prefix system was introduced.

Therefore, from 1983 to 2001, number plates were in a A123 ABC format, where the first letter was the age identifier, showing the year of registration.

Take a look at this car registration years chart that is showing the suffix and prefix systems.

Car reg yearPrefix letterCar reg yearSuffix letter
August 1983 – July 1984A1963A
August 1984 – July 1985B1964B
August 1985 – July 1986C1965C
August 1986 – July 1987D1966D
August 1987 – July 1988EJanuary 1967 – July 1967E
August 1988 – July 1989FAugust 1967 – July 1968F
August 1989 – July 1990GAugust 1968 – July 1969G
August 1990 – July 1991HAugust 1969 – July 1970H
August 1991 – July 1992JAugust 1970 – July 1971J
August 1992 – July 1993KAugust 1971 – July 1972K
August 1993 – July 1994LAugust 1972 – July 1973L
August 1994 – July 1995MAugust 1973 – July 1974M
August 1995 – July 1996NAugust 1974 – July 1975N
August 1996 – July 1997PAugust 1975 – July 1976P
August 1997 – July 1998RAugust 1976 – July 1977R
August 1998 – July 1999SAugust 1977 – July 1978S
March 1999 – August 1999TAugust 1978 – July 1979T
September 1999 – February 2000VAugust 1979 – July 1980V
March 2000 – August 2000WAugust 1980 – July 1981W
September 2000 – February 2001XAugust 1981 – July 1982X
March 2001 – August 2001YAugust 1982 – July 1983Y

Private number plates & personalised registrations

Nowadays, many drivers use private or also known as personalized number plates as a way of expressing themselves in a unique way. On a private number plate, the generic combination of letters and numbers is replaced by one that has a personal meaning to the driver, which allows them to separate their vehicles from others.

Purchasing private number plates in the Uk is completely legal, but before you go and buy one, you first need to check your vehicle’s eligibility.

Your vehicle is eligible for a private number plate if:

  • It is available to be inspected
  • It is registered in the UK with DVLA
  • It is taxed or had SORN for 5 years straight
  • It is a vehicle that requires an MOT or HGV test certificate

One thing you should keep in mind when registering a private number plate is that you can’t put a new plate on an old vehicle.

If your vehicle is eligible, you can apply online to assign a private registration. 

To do that, you’ll need:

  • Your vehicle’s V5C (vehicle log book)
  • V750 Certificate of Entitlement or V778 Retention Document

If your application is successful, you’ll get a new V5C in approximately 4-6 weeks. Note that once your private number plate is registered, you must put the new plate on the vehicle and inform your insurance company of your new registration number.

Flags on your number plate

Drivers in the Uk can also choose to display a national flag alongside the car age identifier on their number plates.

Currently, the following national flags can be displayed on number plates:

  • The EU flag
  • The Union flag
  • The Cross of St George
  • The Cross of St Andrew
  • The Red Dragon of Wales

Apart from a national flag, UK drivers can add one of the official country identifiers to their number plates which include:

  • GREAT BRITAIN, Great Britain or GB
  • UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom or the UK
  • CYMRY, Cymry, CYM or Cym
  • ENGLAND England, ENG or Eng
  • SCOTLAND, Scotland, SCO or Sco
  • WALES or Wales

After Brexit, UK drivers can drive legally in Europe if they have the EU flag marked with GB on their number plates.

Drivers that don’t have the EU flag with the GB marker on their plates will have to display the conventional oval GB sticker to be legal on European roads.

Bottom Line

To summarise, there are three different car registration systems: the current system, the prefix system and the suffix system, and each of them have a unique age indicator.

The prefix and the suffix systems were using a letter as an age identifier, which made figuring out how old a registration plate is much more complicated. The current system is pretty straightforward, as it uses two numbers to indicate the year of the first registration.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

What year is a 07 reg?

A 07 reg indicates that the car was registered between March and August 2007.

Can you put a new plate on an old car?

According to the DVLA’s rules, you can’t put a number plate on your vehicle to make it appear newer than it is.

What year is R reg in the UK?

An R prefix letter on a number plate indicates that the vehicle was first registered in the period between August 1997 and July 1998.

What is the registration year of X reg car?

An X reg means that the car was first registered between September 2000 and February 2001.

How to find out what year is a reg?

Depending on the format of the number plate, you can find out how old the registration plate is in one of the charts in the article above.

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