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What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated July, 21, 2023

Mortgage brokers are a vital part of the home buying process. They work with buyers and lenders to secure mortgages for clients. While their services used to be exclusive to high-net-worth individuals, in today’s climate they offer a range of services that make getting a mortgage more accessible for all types of people. So, what does a mortgage broker do? Read on to find out!

What is a mortgage broker and what does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker is a professional who helps individuals and businesses secure mortgages. They work with buyers and lenders to find the best mortgage available and help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Their services include helping borrowers find the best rates, working with a variety of lenders, and assisting in the paperwork process.

That said, there are two types of mortgage brokers available.

The first one is a tied or multi-tied mortgage broker. The tied brokers are affiliated with a particular lender. This means that they can only offer mortgages through that specific one. Multi-tied mortgage brokers, on the other hand, have an agreement with multiple lenders and can offer a wider variety of mortgages.

The second type is a “whole or market” mortgage broker.

A whole or market mortgage broker is not affiliated with any one lender. This means they can offer a wider variety of mortgages and work with more than one lender to find the best rates for their clients. They may also be able to secure special deals and discounts that are not available to those who are limited to just one lender.

Mortgage broker benefits

There are a number of advantages to using a mortgage broker. The biggest benefit of a mortgage broker is the fact they can save you money. They have access to exclusive deals and discounts that aren’t available to the general public. On top of that, they can also help you secure a mortgage that fits your needs and budget.

So, how do you go about finding the right mortgage broker for you? It can be a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

  • The first step is to ask around. Talk to your family and friends and see if they have any recommendations. Chances are, they know someone who knows someone who can help.
  • The next step is to do your research. Narrow down your options by reading online reviews and visiting broker websites. This will help you get a better idea of what each broker has to offer.
  • Thirdly, take the time to meet with a few different brokers. This will give you a chance to ask questions and get a feel for who they are and what they can offer. It’s important to find a broker you feel comfortable working with, so it’s important to meet with a few different ones before making your decision.
  • Finally, check their credentials. Most mortgage brokers are licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, not every mortgage broker in the uk is regulated, so it’s important to check. You can go to the Financial Services Register to see if the broker is registered with the FCA. This is a public database that contains information on financial service providers in the UK.

What should you be wary of?

  • Brokers who try to persuade you to acquire additional services from them, such as home or vehicle insurance
  • The estate agent representatives that claim they can only communicate with you if you use their ‘suggested’ broker.
  • Brokers who insist that you can only work with one broker.

How much does a mortgage broker cost?

There is no fixed answer to this. Actually, mortgage brokers have more than one pricing model. Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

  1. Free-fee – Mortgage brokers that do not charge any fees to the mortgage applicants make their money by collecting a commission from the lending institutions. This implies you won’t have to spend anything for the service, which will be very helpful when you’re paying solicitors, plus other moving-house expenses.
  2. A fixed rate – This kind of broker will charge a fixed amount, which you should always agree in writing before starting to work with them.
  3. Hourly rate – Some brokers charge by the hour, and if any difficulties arise, the costs will definitely increase. Again, always ask for an estimate, and sign a contract before the start of the collaboration.
  4. Percentage – The broker takes a percentage of the mortgage that the applicant is applying for. As a result, if you take out a home with greater value you might end up paying significantly more than the typical mortgage broker fees.
  5. Combination – There are also brokers who use a mix of these methods. For example, they may charge you an hourly rate and then earn commission from the lender.

Difference between a mortgage advisor and broker

The main difference between a mortgage advisor and broker is that a mortgage advisor works for a specific bank or lender, whereas a mortgage broker is independent and can work with multiple lenders. Mortgage advisors typically have more experience than mortgage brokers, but mortgage brokers are more likely to be able to find you the best deal.

Bottom Line

Finally, it’s critical to consider the long-term while selecting a mortgage broker. Purchasing real estate is typically one of the most expensive buys we’ll make in our lives, so it makes sense to do our research as thoroughly as possible. Make sure you read and understand what does a mortgage broker do, and how they can help you make an informed decision, before picking the one for you.

My name is Marija, and I'm a financial writer at DontDisappointMe. Although finance might not be everyone's cup of tea, my 10+ years of working in one of the biggest banks in my country, and my interest in extensive research on everything finance/investment-related, have made me somewhat of an expert in the field (if I do say so myself). No longer having the passion to work in a corporate setting, I decided that I couldn't let all of this knowledge go to waste so I started writing. And, here I am! Today I try to share my knowledge with my audience in the hopes of making this topic as simple and interesting as possible. In my leisure time, I like spending time with my family and travelling to new locations.