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At What Age Do You Get Fuel Allowance in the UK?

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated September, 21, 2022

At what age do you get Fuel Allowance in the UK?

To qualify for Winter Allowance in the UK in 2022, you need to be at least 66 years old. But, there are other requirements you have to meet too. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the pensioner Fuel Allowance.

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What Is Winter Fuel Payment for Pensioners?

Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners, also known as the ‘Winter Fuel Payment’, is a tax-free lump sum of money that seniors in the UK receive to cover their heating expenses. 

The pensioners’ Winter Fuel Payment is not means tested and will not affect your benefits.

Winter Fuel Allowance 2022 Eligibility

You are eligible for the Winter Fuel Allowance in 2022 if both of the following apply: 

  • You were born before or on September 25, 1956.
  • You have resided in the UK for at least one day during the week of 19-25 September 2022 – also known as the ‘qualifying week’.

If you didn’t live in the UK during the qualifying week, you can get your allowance if:

  • You live in the European Economic Area*
  • You have a connection to the UK—this can include having a family in the UK or having lived or worked there.

*Those living in France, Cyprus, Greece, Gibraltar, Portugal, Malta, and Spain are not eligible for the payment because the average winter temperature in these countries is higher than the warmest region of the UK.

When You Are Not Eligible

You won’t be eligible for pensioners Winter Fuel Allowance if:

  • You’re in a hospital and have been receiving free care for more than a year.
  • You can’t visit the UK without permission, and your granted leave says that you are not eligible for public funding.
  • You were in jail for the whole week between 19-25 September 2022.
  • You lived in a care facility from 27 June to 25 September 25, 2022, and received Pension Credit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), or income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

If you think you may be eligible for the Winter Fuel Allowance but have not been receiving it, fill out the form.

How Much Winter Fuel Payment for Pensioners Can I Get?

The amount you’ll receive can vary from one year to another. 

Your circumstances during the qualifying week determine the amount you will receive for the year. 

The Winter Fuel Payment for 2022 will include the ‘pensioner cost of living payment’ – which ranges between £150 and £300 – on top of any Cost of Living Payment you may receive through your benefits or tax credits.

Born between 26 September 1942 and 25 September 1956Born on or before 25 September 1942
You meet the requirements and live alone (or none of the people you live with qualify)

You qualify, and you live with someone under the age of 80 who also qualifies

You qualify, and you live with someone who is 80 or older (who is also qualified)

You are eligible, live in a nursing home, and are not on benefits


*The amounts in the table include the ‘pensioner cost of living payment’.

How Much Will I Get If I Receive Certain Benefits?

The amount of your heating allowance for pensioners will be different if you or your spouse receives one of the following benefits:

  • Pension Credit.
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
  • Income Support.

Born 26 September 1942- 25 September 1956Born before or on 25 September 1942
You are eligible, receive one of the benefits, and live alone (or none of the people you live with qualify)

You qualify and live with a qualifying partner, and one of you receives one of the listed benefits
£500 – only one of you can get the allowance

£600 –only one of you can get the allowance
You qualify and live with someone who qualifies (not you spouse), and one of you receives one of the benefits
£500 per qualifying person

£600 per qualifying person
You qualify, live in a nursing home, and receive one of the benefits


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How Do I Claim Winter Fuel Allowance for Pensioners?

Most payments for the Winter Fuel Allowance are paid in November and December. The last round is paid on 13 January 2023.

In most cases, the payments are automatic, and you don’t have to make a claim to receive your Winter Fuel Allowance. However, there are a few exceptions.

You must submit a claim if any of the following apply:

  • You do not receive any benefits or a State Pension.
  • You receive just Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Child Benefit, or Universal  Credit.
  • You get benefits or a state pension but reside in Switzerland or an EEA  country.
  • The Scottish Government provides you with an Adult Disability Payment.

If you have previously received a Winter Fuel Payment, you should only claim if you have:

  • Postponed your State Pension.
  • Relocated to Switzerland or another EEA country. 

The application period for this year started on August 1, 2022.

Don’t qualify for a Winter Fuel Allowance? You may still be eligible for tax relief for married couples.

Bottom Line

The Winter Fuel Allowance in the UK is a benefit available to certain people living in the UK (or abroad) that helps cover heating expenses in the coldest months of the year.

The allowance is automatically paid, and it’s likely that you won’t have to make a claim unless in certain circumstances. If you have not applied before and do not receive a pension or certain benefits, you will need to apply for the allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Do all pensioners get the Fuel Allowance?

Not every pensioner in the UK is eligible for the allowance.

How do you qualify for free Fuel Allowance?

If you were born on or before September 25, 1956, and you were in the UK during the qualifying week, you most likely qualify for a Winter Fuel Payment.

Do over 60s get Winter Fuel Allowance?

Every home with someone aged 60 or older is eligible for assistance with their winter energy bills.

At what age do you get Fuel Allowance in the UK?

You’ll have to be at least 66 years old to be eligible for the Winter Fuel Allowance.

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