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Is CDER Group Legitimate?

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated September, 23, 2022

Is CDER Group legitimate?

The CDER Group is a legitimate UK company that collects debts. They aren’t a scam company. 

In this article, we’ll explain what it means to receive a CDER Group letter, what should be included in their notice (to help you avoid scams), and how to deal with the agency.

What is CDER Group Debt?

CDER Group, which stands for Compliant Data-led Engagements & Resolutions, is an agency that provides debt recovery services for local and central government, as well as commercial clients.

The company collects a wide range of debts, including:

  • Council tax debts.
  • Penalty charge notices debts.
  • Non-domestic rates debts.
  • Housing benefits overpayment debts.
  • Former tenant arrears.
  • Other Sundry debts.

The agency says that it collects around £250m in debt every year. 

Did you know? Recent statistics show that there were nearly 780 debt collection agencies in the UK!

Is CDER Group Legitimate?

The CDER Group is a legitimate company that’s based in London and registered in England and Wales. Its operations are scrutinised by the Independent Advisory Group.

The company was officially launched in 2020 (which is not that long ago) and is a result of a merger between JBW Group, Phoenix Commercial Collections, and Collect Services– companies that have spent years in the industry.  

They also recently acquired Advantis, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As enforcement agents, the CDER Group has to follow certain rules and regulations. You can find the full list of the legislations they abide by on their website.

Should You Pay CDER Group Debt Collection?

If you receive a CDER Group letter called a Notice of Enforcement, that means that the original creditor has tried and failed to get a hold of you or could not find a way to get you to pay back your debt.

Oftentimes, the debts that the agency tries to collect have been subject to a court order but have not been paid.

The CDER Group Notice of Enforcement will include all the information you need regarding the debt, including who the original creditor is and how much you need to pay. 

If you receive a letter from the agency, it’s best to pay it as soon as possible to avoid additional fees.

If you’re not in a position to pay the balance in full, you should immediately contact CDER Group to discuss your payment options at the CDER Group phone number (0330 460 5295) or email them at info@contactcder.co.uk.

CDER Group can offer you a payment plan that you can afford.

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How To Deal With A CDER Group Agent

If you ignore the Notice of Enforcement, CDER Group enforcement agents will visit your home, which will add at least a £235 fee on top of your debt. 

When they do, make sure to check their identity. You can ask them to show you a certificate or an ID from the enforcement agency.

An enforcement agent from a reputable company, such as CDER Group, is legally obligated to tell you which company they work for, give you a telephone number, and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the amount you owe. This is the same process for every other debt collection agency.

Refusal to provide this information may suggest that you’re dealing with CDER Group scams.

Enforcement agents do not have the power to forcefully enter your home unless they come to collect unpaid criminal fines, Income Tax, or Stamp Duty. However, they can take things from outside your home, and you can end up owing more money If you do not let them inside and refuse to pay.

CDER Group Reviews

CDER Group has a 1.2 rating on Trustpilot, with 95% of people stating they’re unsatisfied with their agents and customer service. 

Here’s what some of the reviews say:

I understand this group have a job to do, but they are rude. Both staff I spoke to were unpleasant. One staff member was offensive and threatening, and another was just rude. When a debt enforcement agency needs to be blunt to achieve payment this is understandable, but a lack of professionalism and rudeness to a member of the public who is trying to find out the origin of a fine is not necessary.’ – Rebecca Tennant.

Not as bad as you’d think. I was worried about calling these people, after reading a lot of the reviews on here, however, despite a few back and forth calls, to resolve my issue (in which I wouldn’t have known about, had they not tracked me down – I was getting fines at my previous address, due to my car’s log book not being changed) they weren’t rude, nor were they not trying to help.’ – Gordon Bird.

I phoned their office following a visit by their enforcement officer. I expained. They listened. They used their initiative to fill the gaps and join the dots. With compassion, decency and humanity they then sent the debt back to HM Courts.’ – Clive.

Bottom Line 

The CDER Group is a legitimate debt collection company that operates across the UK.

If you receive a letter from the agency, it’s best to pay what you owe as soon as you can or call them and explain your situation. This way, you’ll avoid any additional fees and a visit from their agents.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Who does the CDER group collect for?

CDER Group recovers debt on behalf of commercial clients, as well as local and central government.

Can the CDER group enter my home?

CDER Group enforcement agents are not allowed to forcefully enter your home, except if you’ve signed a CGA or you have unpaid criminal fines, Stamp Duty, or Income Tax.

Is CDER Group a debt collection agency?

CDER Group is one of the UK’s leading debt collection companies that provides debt recovery services.

Is CDER Group legitimate?

CDER Group is a legitimate debt collection company.

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