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Things To Do With Broken TV or LCD Screen

Written by, Nikola Dimovski

Updated July, 19, 2023

Dead pixels, fuzzy screen, and distorted colours usually mean that you’ll need to buy yourself a new TV.

But, what should you do with your old screen?

In this blog post, we’ll go over the things to do with broken TV or LCD screens and offer some broken TV recycling tips and ideas.

Let’s dive in.

How To Dispose of Old TV for Free?

Although it might seem like there’s no other choice than to throw away your broken TV screen, it is irresponsible and in some places, illegal, to dispose of electronics with non-recyclable waste that will end up in a landfill.

This is because flat TV screens, for example, have mercury, which can be harmful to the environment.

Here’s what you can do instead.


TVs are 98% recyclable. They contain valuable materials such as copper, plastics, screen, steel, aluminium, and lead which can be repurposed after the recycling process. 

Components that are not recyclable are those that contain dangerous chemicals, like phosphorus.

Most cities in the UK have electronics recycling areas where you can bring your old TV. At some of those places, you can even recycle your broken TV for cash. 


Electrical appliances are one of best things to buy and sell for profit. If recycling your broken TV isn’t an option, you can sell your broken TV for money in the UK. 

Some people buy old TVs because they’re affordable and they don’t mind the specific problem that the device has. Others purchase broken TVs because they can use their parts to repair other sets

Either way, this means that you can list your old TV on local classified ads sites and sell your broken TV to someone who can make use of it.


In 2020, it was estimated that 1.35 million UK households don’t have a TV set.

So, if you have an old TV that’s still functional but you don’t want to keep around, you can either donate it to charity shops or directly to a family that needs it.

Places You Can Sell Broken TV

There are many places online where you can consider selling a broken TV. Some of the most popular choices include:


eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce companies in the world where sellers can list up to 50 items for free. 

All you’ll have to do is register on the website, create an account, and list your TV for sale. You can choose between an auction listing and allow buyers to bid on the TV, or set a fixed-price listing

Note: Keep in mind that eBay charges a listing fee (almost called an insertion fee) and a final value fee when the item sells.


eBid and eBay are similar in many ways. Both platforms have an auction-style format for product listing, but eBay is a larger platform and has more monthly visitors (and thus, more traffic) than eBid.

However, eBid doesn’t charge listing fees (though there are other, lower fees) and the platform is easier to use. 

On eBid, sellers can similarly list their TV, offer some details about the item, and set a price (or opt for an auction listing).


Craigslist is a modern-day bulletin board filled with classified ads where you can sell items for free. It has 60 million users in the US alone and only has around 50 employees. 

The platform is also user-friendly and it doesn’t require users to create an account to start selling

To make sure your ad on the platform reaches more potential buyers, make sure you:

  • Do your research and set a good price
  • Take clear shots
  • Write a detailed and accurate description
  • Choose a reliable contact method

Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent, free option for casual sellers, where you can connect to buyers in your area. 

The platform requires users to create an account to sell items, upload images of the product (or in this case your TV), and write a short description. There are some restrictions to what you can sell, but the platform allows the sale of both new and used TVs


Currys is one of the biggest electrical retailers in the UK and Ireland. 

You can’t exactly sell your old TV to Currys, but you can trade it in for items at its stores for at least a  £5 voucher. Currys will inspect your TV and either send it to be recycled or repair it and give it to someone in need. The company says that it sends unwanted tech to developing countries. 

At writing time, Currys has launched a new ‘Cash for Trash’ scheme and offers £100 off any TV over £1,000, if you give the company your old one


Argos offers trade-in services where you can sell your used TV to Likewise for a cash prize, which is determined by the company itself. 

You can either drop off your TV at one of their stores for which you’ll need to show proof of purchase or go to their website, enter your product’s code and get a quote. 

How To Recycle a Broken TV?

Most cities in the UK have recycling areas where you can take your electronic devices. If you’re looking for local TV recycling places in the UK, you can check:

SquareBox recycling

SquareBox has recycling centres across the UK. You can drop off any unwanted electronics you have at one of their authorised centres and they will make sure that it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Cullens Clearances

Cullens Clearances offers different types of house clearance services. You can reach out to them via phone or email, and they’ll ‘clear’ any items you don’t use, including your TV, and donate them to local charities, recycle it, or upcycle and rehome them.


If you’re looking for a service to collect your TV from your home and recycle it (or put it to good use), then Divert is the right choice. You’ll have to hire a man and a van to pick up your TV from your home and the rest is in their hands.

Big green

Big Green specialises in eco-friendly waste collection, management, and recycling

It has centres all over the UK and if it can’t repurpose your TV and give it to someone in need, it will recycle it in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Local council

In some areas in the UK, the local authorities pick up small electrical items during their kerbside collection. To find out whether that’s a possibility in your neighbourhood, you can visit the official website or call and ask. 

Bottom Line

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of things to do with broken TV or LCD screen. You can have it repaired if it’s under warranty, recycle the tv for cash, sell the tv for parts, or send it to a recycling company that will repurpose your broken LED TV and give it to someone that needs it.

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