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How to Sell to CeX: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Tech

Written by, Nikola Dimovski

Updated March, 29, 2023

Turn old smartphones, video games and game consoles into cash by selling them to CeX, the UK’s biggest second-hand electronics marketplace.

Here is how to sell to CeX both online and in-store.  

What is CeX?

CeX is one of the most popular second-hand electronics and entertainment shops allowing customers to buy, sell and exchange a wide range of products, from mobile phones and video games to computers and DVDs. 

In addition to brick-and-mortar shops, CeX users can purchase and trade in items online. The company recently added a Click & Collect option, giving users a chance to reserve items online and collect them in one of 300+ stores across the country. 

What can you sell on CeX?

Video games and consoles are one of the most common things people sell online to make a profit, as well as one of the best-sellers on CeX.

Other stuff you can sell on the platform include:

  • Laptops, tablets & computers
  • TVs and computer monitors
  • Smartphones
  • DVDs and Blu-rays
  • Digital electronics

How to Sell to CeX?

You can sell tech to CeX online and in-store—both are straightforward and easy. 

What do I need to sell items to CeX?

According to the CEX selling guide, you must have a membership to sell goods to the company. 

There are two types of memberships and both are free to join.

Exchange membership which allows you to trade anything except mobile phones and devices with IMEI numbers. Plus, with this membership option, you can only sell items for CeX vouchers, not cash. 

Full membership, on the other hand, enables you to sell whatever you want and get cash or vouchers in return. To get the full membership, you will need to present certain documents such as a valid ID or proof of address, depending on where you live.

Note: The CeX selling policy says you must be at least 16 to become a member—minors will need a guardian’s consent to open a membership with CeX.

How to sell to CeX in store?

If you want to sell games to CeX in brick-and-mortar shops, you need to head down to your nearest CeX store and trade in your old tech for a voucher or cash. If you are not a member, you can sign up in the store—the staff is on hand to help you with any questions. 

To make the process even more hassle-free, you can sell goods in-store via the Drop and GO option. With this feature, you basically create a list of the things you want to sell on your CeX account and select the option to drop them at the nearest store.

Once the items are received and tested, you will get money or a voucher depending on the payment option you have chosen. 

Note: The price you get when listing the items is the one you will be paid—if the company chooses to change the price, it will not affect your sale.

How to sell to CeX online?

CeX has made selling online incredibly simple. 

Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to the official site

Log into your account on their official website

Type the item you want to sell in the search bar. Make sure that the name of the item is spelt correctly and try to add more details (the model and storage size) to narrow down the search. 

You will get the price the item is sold and bought for (different prices apply if you want cash or a voucher for your gadget).

2. Add the item to your basket

Click on I Want to Sell This Item and it will be added to your basket. If you want to sell more than one item, repeat the procedure—there is no limit to the number of electronics you can sell to CeX online. When done, you can see the total sum in the basket. 

3. Ship the item to CeX

Pack the items in bubble wrap and put them in a cardboard box or other suitable packaging before posting them. 

There are three ways you can send goods to CeX:

  • Royal Mail Freepost. You can send the item by dropping it off at your nearest post office. If you choose this option you will either need to print the shipping label yourself or show the QR code to the cashier, who will scan it and print the label.  
  • Royal Mail Home Collection. If you can’t make it to the post office, you can arrange for Royal Mail to collect the item from your home for free. You will need to enter details about the size and weight of the box and wait for the package to be collected from your home. 
  • Collect+ allows you to drop off your parcel at any of the Collect+ locations across the UK. You will be given a ‘Customer Parcel Receipt’ that contains the tracking number. With this option, your item should reach CeX in 3 to 5 days. 

Alternatively, you could send the parcel with another shipping service to:

CeX WeBuy Order #<enter your Order Number here>

Unit A

Greycaine House

21 Greycaine Road

Watford, WD24 7GP 

Note: You need to send your items to CeX within 10 days.

7. Wait for confirmation

Once CeX receives your item, they will run some quick tests. If the items are up to standard, the company will send your money in 3 to 5 days or email the voucher to you the next day. 

Should CeX determine that some or all of the items are unsellable, they will send them back to you or you can choose to recycle them. 

CeX Vouchers or Cash: Which is better?

Those selling games to CeX (or other items) can choose between two payment methods: cash or a CeX voucher. Which one you go for is entirely up to you, but to help you make a decision, here is a list of pros and cons. 

Voucher Cash
Speed Vouchers are sent the next dayCash transfers take 3-5 days
Value You will get more money if you choose vouchersThe sale price for cash is lower 
UseVouchers can only be redeemed in CeX store or on the siteYou can use the cash as you see fit 

You should also keep in mind that while most CeX vouchers have no expiry date (or rather they are good for 1000 years and a week), promotional and competition vouchers can expire sooner. 

How much can you make by selling to CeX?

The company has a dedicated team in charge of setting prices on items. They take into account several factors, such as the condition of the item, its functionality, availability and demand. 

When it comes to cashing in, it depends on the item you are selling. For instance, a boxed Xbox Series X can go for £332, selling a laptop to CeX could fetch between £50 and £120, while an A-graded iPhone 8, the best-selling Apple model in the UK, is sold for around £160. 

Selling to CeX: A Few Final Tips

Whether you are selling consoles to CeX or DVDs, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

1. Wipe the device

Remove all data from the device to protect your personal details. This includes passwords to cloud-based and Google accounts, photos, videos, music and payment links. 

2. Make sure the accessories are there 

Make sure your items still have their original accessories. For example, when selling a phone to CeX include original charges and earbuds. If you are selling consoles to CeX, ensure that the original controllers are added.

If you have an old phone that you would rather donate than sell, here is a list of charities that you can try. 

3. Make sure that the products are in good condition 

The better the condition, the higher the chances of CeX accepting the item. CeX has a grading system for all devices and it ranges from  

  • A/Mint: Pristine condition with all original accessories, plus box
  • B / Good: The same as above but the item doesn’t have a box
  • C/ Working: Not in great shape, but working condition
  • F/Non working: Only some phones graded F will be accepted (i.e. that are not bent, crushed or snapped) 

Keep in mind that the grading system is different when selling consoles to CeX as they are evaluated on other criteria, i.e. whether they are boxed or not. 

4. Try to send them packaged in original boxes

Items that are packed in their original boxes can add an extra £5 to £10 to the value of the item. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Is selling to CeX worth it?

If you have old mobile phones, DVDs, games or other electronic devices that you are no longer using, you could declutter your home and make a few extra quid by selling them to CeX. You might be able to get more elsewhere, although few shops offer the convenience, speed and flexibility CeX does. 

Is eBay better than CeX for selling tech?

Selling stuff on eBay is an easy way to make money online and it might get you better offers than CeX, although many of them could be scammers and fake buyers. Selling to CeX, on the other hand, is very transparent—you get what you’re offered (give or take depending on the condition of the item). Plus, if you have your eye on something from the shop, the vouchers you get in return offer great value. 

How to sell to CeX without getting scammed?

The best way to protect yourself from fraud and scams is to hold on to all receipts and if possible take photos of the items before you send them. The more proof you have, the easier it will be for the company to sort out any possible issues. 

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