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Can I Mount a TV Above a Radiator?

Written by, Nikola Dimovski

Updated July, 19, 2023

Moving your TV from the entertainment centre (or anywhere else in your house) to the wall is the most important step in optimising your viewing experience – especially if you’re pressed for space. 

But, can I mount a TV above a radiator?

In this blog post, we’ll explain whether and how you can mount a TV above the radiator and offer some TV-above-radiator ideas.

Is It Safe To Mount a TV Above a Radiator?

Mounting a TV above a radiator is rarely a good idea.

The radiator is an electrical device that produces heat. The warm air from it will inevitably reach the TV if it is above or near it, which can seriously damage the TV in the long run or increase the risk of possible electric faults that can cause a fire.

Thus, whenever possible, try finding an alternative position that wouldn’t directly expose your TV to heat. Place a TV above a radiator or any heating source should be your last option. 

Tips For Putting a TV Above a Radiator

If you’re short on options, there are some TV-above-radiator solutions to minimise the risk that the radiator under your TV might cause.

Check your TV’s heat resistance threshold 

TVs can withstand certain temperatures since their components generate heat when in use. 

Most TVs operate between -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, but you can check with your manufacturer or your user manual to see in what heat range your TV can operate safely.

Keep in mind that If your TV is near the radiator or right above it, it will warm up far quicker than other parts of the room. 

Monitor the temperatures above the radiator 

If you want a more accurate reading before you mount your TV over a radiator, you can place a thermometer above the radiator. 

Place the thermometer around 5cm above the radiator, set the temperature as you normally would, and take notes for at least two days. You can then compare the temperatures with your TV’s optimal heat range. 

Distance between TV and radiator

Placing a TV right above a radiator is not the best idea. 

You should mount the TV as far from the radiator as possible so that the heat has a chance to disperse in different directions, especially if your TV’s heat resistance threshold is low and it cannot withstand high temperatures. 

The recommended distance should be 15 cm (6 inches), and the TV should be at least 4 inches from the wall. 

Wall mount extension distance 

A wall mount is a full-motion bracket attached to the wall, which can be pulled away to avoid the heat from the radiator when it’s on. This puts the TV in a position that’s slightly away from the direct path of the heating source.

You can always fold the mount back when the heating is off.

Use a thermostatic valve 

A thermostatic valve is a self-regulating device that controls the temperature of the radiator.

If the temperature gets too high, it will automatically turn down the setting or turn off the radiator. 

Radiator cover TV unit 

Having a radiator cover with a TV above helps to deflect and reduce the heat waves emanating from the radiator by pushing and dispersing them in different directions in the room. 

The only downside is that the overall heating of the room will be less efficient as the cover insulates the radiator.

A floating shelf above the radiator can similarly help prevent potential damage by blocking some of the heat from reaching the TV. Floating shelves are larger and often more costly, but they offer additional storage space.

Install a fan

Fans aren’t the best fail-safe devices in this scenario, but they can help reduce the temperature and make sure that less heat reaches the TV. 

Since you only need the fan for the TV, you might want to consider getting a small USB fan that won’t significantly decrease the overall temperature in the room.

Bottom Line

If you’re wondering, ‘Can I Mount a TV Above a Radiator?’ the answer is: it’s possible but not advisable. Mounting a TV on the wall above a radiator comes with risks, and you should take all safety precautions before placing your TV next to a radiator or above one. 

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