Yorkshire and Humber Receive £800 Thousand to Combat Gambling Addiction

The UK Gambling Commission granted Yorkshire and Humber £800 000 as a result of a regulative agreement to fight gambling addiction across this region. 

Gambling addicts and their families can attend a three-year programme that will consist of therapy and support and will target gambling education and prevention.

Guided by the Public Health Director and provided as an adjunct by the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, Yorkshire and the Humber will put into effect a balanced and thorough approach to combat gambling addiction and harm across this region. 

Greg Fell, the head of the problematic gambling working group, stated that their goal is to present a gold standard programme that will be used and mirrored across Great Britain. Fell reported that they will target individuals from high deprivation areas with low income that have been badly influenced by gambling. Actually, gambling addiction is a serious issue in the UK, negatively affecting 5 million British adults.


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