WhatsApp – Only a few weeks left to accept the contraversal update

The most used messenger app in the UK, WhatsApp, has given its users “several more weeks” to agree to the controversial privacy update or risk losing access to the app.

Although the original deadline was May 15, the messenger app has extended its deadline once again, giving more time to users to review and accept the new policy.

In the next several weeks, users who have not agreed to the new policy will receive reminders to do so; otherwise, the app’s functionality may become limited. Users who won’t agree to do the update won’t be able to access their WhatsApp chat list. They will be able to answer incoming phone and video calls for a short time, but that will eventually be taken away as well.

The new policy update was first announced earlier this year and immediately sparked fears that the app would start sharing users’ personal information with its parent company. 

However, WhatsApp released a statement saying that that won’t be the case and that no accounts will be deleted or lose functionality on May 15th because of this update.

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