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UK to lift Covid 19 restrictions on 19th July

Written by, Ljubica Cvetkovska

Updated November, 7, 2022

The UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is confident that the remaining Covid 19 restrictions can be lifted on 19th July. 

Ending the 1m-plus social distancing rule, QR code sign-ins at restaurants and compulsory face masks will be among the Prime Minister’s announcements today.

Although mortality rates in the UK are declining, infections are expected to rise when the restrictions ease. However, Boris Johnson believes that the number of deaths will decrease due to the increased rate of vaccinations. 

The restriction of only six people in a gathering, table service in pubs and restaurants, capacity limits in theatres and cinemas, as well as closure of nightclubs are currently still in force. 

The UK government delayed the fourth and final stage of the roadmap out of lockdown last month to no earlier than 19th July.

However, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have their own coronavirus rules. The Scottish government released a statement saying they will retain some basic measures until its next review in August.

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