Torq Secures $50M For A No-Code Security Automation

Torq, previously known as StackPulse, landed $50 million with its no-code automation security platform after getting a lot of popularity and interest for it. 

The company provides people with a no-code automation platform that will enable users to connect security infrastructure with communication tools like Slack. Additionally, this platform will help users further automate the evaluation of suspicious files. 

The start-up company already offers its services to heaps of clients and expects their growth to increase. Insight Partners managed their latest funding, while they also had an investment from a well-known cybersecurity business SentinelOne. 

The no-code method allows people to use the platform easily as well as offering connectivity not accessible to the majority of security tools. 

Most of these security tools, such as antiviruses, require more work and professional knowledge to incorporate these features into the remainder of the security deal. Still, if you have any doubts even with the most user-friendly antivirus, you could easily see that similar features like the one that Torq offers are very accessible and customisable. 

As reported by Stephen Ward, the managing director at Insight Partners, mostly the no-code automation process will handle the approach to automation gaps in the security operations in addition to the reduction of talent shortage.

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