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The Yearly Licence Fee from BBC Will Not Increase With Inflation Over the Next Five Years

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated August, 31, 2021

Recent reports reveal that the yearly BBC fee will not increase with inflation due to the growing value of household expenses. The government’s negotiations with BBC for its £159-a-year TV licence will come to an end in the following weeks. According to The Times, the ministers have not allowed calls from BBC for the license price to grow in line with the inflation. 

A government source reported that even though the BBC is a highly valued national organisation, they must understand that these are also hard times. They are going to be affected by the same efficiency savings as everyone else.  

On the other hand, BBC informed if the fee is not increased with the inflation, they will have to lower the quality of their programmes. 

BBC currently earns £3.2 billion every year just from their TV licences, which number totalled 25,527,840 in 2019/20. Still, Tory MPs think that the company has to reduce the price of their licence due to the rising popularity of streaming services like Netflix.

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