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The National Lottery made a whopping $1 billion

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated October, 14, 2021

After selling ‘addictive’ online games during the lockdown, the National Lottery made more than 1 billion. This comes as no surprise knowing the fact that the National Lottery is the most common form of gambling in the UK.

The Government-franchised lottery, Camelot, sold a record amount of instant win games that are associated with problem gambling. In 2020/21, Camelot sold  £1.17 billion of interactive Instant Win games that you can only play online or on mobile phones. The sales rose more than 50% compared to last year, and now Camelot seeks to renew its licence to run in the UK’s lottery.

Interactive Instant Win games, which MPs have described as “mini casinos”, were the main cause behind Camelot’s sales record of £8.37 billion, which was an increase of £468.8 million.

An industry source who once worked for Camelot told the Telegraph that these instant win games are more associated with problem gambling than draws that are only played twice a week.

In April, UK’s Gambling Commission found a link between higher-priced games and problem gambling, and since then the National Lottery has agreed to withdraw £10 instant win games online.

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