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The Average ATM Withdrawal in the UK Has Reached £80

Written by, Marija Petkova

Updated October, 20, 2021

The average cash withdrawal has risen to an average of £80, marking a £10 difference compared to the last couple of years.

In contrast, people seem to be using ATMs 40% less, with the average monthly withdrawal rounding up to £44 per month.

When it comes to the average daily ATM withdrawal, cash machine network Link reports a nearly £100m decrease compared to 2019, with the switch to digital being encouraged by Covid-19 according to Nick Quin, head of financial inclusion over at Link.

This comes as no shock given the gradual elimination of cash in the last few years. Due to the greater convenience of contactless payments, British citizens prefer cards over cash even for the smallest of purchases, thus noting a 15% decrease in the use of cash in 2019.

However, despite the decrease in average daily withdrawal, millions of Brits continue to rely upon cash as stated by Mr Quin, which is why he deems it important to protect the use of cash throughout the country.

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