‘Squid Game’ Scams Unhinged: How to Protect Yourself from Malware?

Cybercriminals proceed to take advantage of the popular Netflix Show ‘Squid Game’. Various scams and malware-filled apps have appeared on many platforms, according to Android and Windows reports.

More than 200 ‘Squid Game’ related applications were noticed on Google Play just last week with the numbers continuing to rise. As of recently, they also carry Trojans, phishing offers and other malware, presented as ‘Squid Game’ associated content.

Security software spokespeople have started to raise awareness regarding these types of apps on Twitter, appealing to the public to be on edge and to thoroughly inspect apps before downloading them.

ESET Android security researcher Lukas Stefanko reported an app containing malware, carefully designed as a ‘Squid Game’ wallpaper.

Antivirus company Kaspersky has also reported “several dozen different malicious files on the web with names mentioning Squid Game.”, according to a report by Tom’s Guide, adding that ‘Squid Game’ turned out to be an effective lure to gain personal information from fans of the Netflix series.

How to Avoid Getting Infected with Malware?

  1. Double check developers.
  2. Look for verified marks.
  3. Disable ‘install from unknown sources’ option on your device
  4. Use a VPN (check out CyberGhost VPN)
  5. Use mobile antivirus software, such as the McAfee mobile protection app

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