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Sky TV Removes the Satellite Dish as it Introduces TV over Internet

Written by, Andriana Moskovska

Updated October, 7, 2021

Sky TV introduces the new “Sky Glass” TV as it removes the satellite dish out of use. The Glass TV will be just like any other 4K TV, with built-in Dolby Atmos and different colour options. The sale for this TV will start from 18 October and it will cost £13 per month. As of 2020, 91% of TV viewers in the UK watched live television at least once a week.

The most outstanding thing about the “Sky Glass” TV is that you don’t have to own a satellite dish in order to watch TV. All you will need is WiFi to watch the regular Sky TV programmes and live television. You will even be able to record or pause them.

This means that Brits will no longer have to install satellite dishes on their homes, which is an impossibility for people who live in rented accommodations. 

As an alternative, Sky TV will provide its’ customers a TV that will only take just 10 minutes to set up and users will only need a cable in order the TV to work. 

The company will sell TVs as per usual: £649 for the 43-inch telly and up to £1,048 for the 65-inch one. Sky will have a £13 monthly payout just like for mobile phones and also a “Swap feature” which enables customers to replace their old version of Sky Glass with the newest one. 

Additionally, customers will be able to purchase a small puck that can be connected to other TVs in the house and watch the same programmes from Sky. There is pre-registration which will be available before the launch date.

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