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Skillshare Enriches Its Supply with Chroma and Cohort-Based Courses

Written by, Andriana Moskovska

Updated November, 7, 2022

Skillshare, the biggest online learning platform, is officially launching Chroma Courses with enrollment starting this month. The courses will be offering small-group, limited-seating lectures divided into multiple weeks, with the platform bringing some of its most demanded teachers.

Skillshare’s Chroma Courses come as a solution to the needs and requirements of online learners post-quarantine, whereas the small-group formats allow personalized and unprecedented access to feedback for both teachers and students, according to the platform.

The courses are specifically designed to merge the best of both worlds: the accessibility of online studying, but also a sense of closeness and connection to the community which is usually delivered through in-person lectures. 

“The future of learning is personal, project-based, and feedback-driven,” states Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare. “With Skillshare Chroma Courses, we are building on Skillshare’s key differentiator in the learning space – our community – to forge even deeper connections between our members and our teachers. We are also thrilled that Skillshare Chroma Courses support creators on Skillshare with even more opportunities to build their audience and revenue.”

The Skillshare community was launched in 2010 and has offered over 21,000 courses ever since. It is currently home to over 13 million members, approximately 6,000 of which are in the position of teachers.

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