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Senior Health Professionals Hired By A Gambling Prevention Charity

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated August, 26, 2021

A gambling prevention charity hired serval senior health professionals for the purpose of sharing their public health methods and techniques for their newest programme. 

GambleAware, the gambling prevention charity, stated that this programme was needed with the intention of reaching its five-year goals. This included increased fundings centred on the public health methods and techniques hinged by three categories of harm prevention: selective, indicated, and universal. 

The gambling industry enabled the charity not only to make grants and to purchase services with the long-term financial status but also invest in gambling harm prevention in the long run. 

Anna Hargrave, who has worked with the NHS for 13 years, stated that this charity programme would help extend the National Gambling Treatment Service and deliver practical expertise. A variety of treatments such as a brief intervention, counselling, a helpline, and care from a psychiatrist. These services will help problem gamblers in the long term since nearly half of them aren’t getting any help for their gambling addiction.

GambleAware has recruited a number of health care professionals that will work in fundraising and studies, including Alexia Clifford, who will be appointed as the charity’s chief communications officer. The charity will also announce a chief operations officer but at some point in the future.

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