Ringo Starr is creating a MasterClass course on drumming and creative collaboration

Following the Metallica MasterClass course, the company seems to be offering the gig to other musicians as well, including Ringo Starr and as of most recent, Christina Aguilera.

The news was first brought up at MasterClass’s Inaugural First Look event this week at the Whitney Museum of American Art, where the company also revealed novel instructors as well as their new 30-day courses.

Christina Aguilera’s course is expected to bring an interesting viewpoint on how to “elevate your singing and stage presence and walk away with a polished, stage-ready vocal performance.”. However, the course is due in 2022, along with Mariah Carey’s “how to use your voice to express yourself through music” course.

Ringo Starr’s course, on the other hand, is going to be available by the end of 2021.

MasterClass prices start at £14 a month (paid annually), up to £22 a month if you’re interested in the Premium pricing plan.

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