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Researchers Earn $300,000 In Hacking Contest For Jailbreaking iPhone 13 Pro

Written by, Andriana Moskovska

Updated November, 7, 2022

This week, Apple is introducing a new important iOS update that will address a crucial vulnerability in the primary software of iPads and iPhones all over the world. Alongside this update, Apple will launch additional security updates for their Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac users. 

The main security fix among over three dozen ones that the new iOS 15.2 software included is a patch for a kernel vulnerability for which a jailbreaking group from China gained $300,000.

The kernel is mainly known as CVE-2021-30955 and can use the advantage of apps to ‘execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.’ The researchers from the Kunlun lab were given credits from the Cupertino tech giant for detecting and disclosing the security issue. 

The bug that the researchers reported is particularly present in the latest updates on the macOS. 

Besides the main security bugs, it is crucial to mention that the new iOS software update handles many others that were dispersed throughout various parts of the updated operating system. For example, the new update fixed an issue with the Password manager that would allow an attacker to enter and read your saved passwords without authentication.

What’s worth mentioning is that it is always best to implement and report these security fixes at the earliest possible time. Since the operating system on iPhones gets more and more bug issues, it is preferable to have extra security and install an antivirus that supports iOS devices.

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