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Remote Gambling Yield in the UK rises to £6.85bn

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated December, 1, 2021

In the greatly affected Covid-19 period and lockdowns, the remote gambling yield reached a new peak of over £6 billion. 

According to the industry reports from the UK Gambling Commission, the total revenue of the remote gambling sectors came on turnover of nearly £142, which is an increase of 18.1% from 2019-20.

Remote casinos were the highest-grossing industry again, with a gross gambling yield of over £4 billion, up from £3,190.09 billion in 2019. Additionally, slots came in second place with a GGY of nearly £3 billion and an increase of over 22%, as well as online bingo which revenue increased by 7.5%.

The revenue of the online betting sector, on the other hand, saw growth in its revenue to over £2 billion, even though there was a suspension of many important sporting fixtures. Only betting exchange and pool betting revenue went down the slide, with £135.7 million and £27.2 million, accordingly. 

The National Lottery was the only non-remote sector to have revenue data from the UK Gambling Commission. Together online and retail National Lottery sales reached £8.39 billion.

Finally, the number of licensed operators declined to 2,439, only because there was a decrease in the land-based sectors.

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