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Paul Merson Unmasks His Lockdown Gambling Addiction

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated September, 14, 2021

Famous Sky Sports host Paul Merson finally opens up about his gambling addiction sparked by the COVID lockdown. The former football player reported losing £7 million because of his gambling addiction while facing drinking and drug abuse. Gambling addiction is a serious issue that affects 5 million British adults. 

As he wiped away his tears, Merson revealed how much the COVID pandemic had brought distress to him. 

Paul stated how his fear of the pandemic was so intense that his brain told him that he had enough money to leave his rented accommodation and get a deposit for a house. He also said that the news was bringing him additional fear, and that’s how he thought he needed to go out after money. 

The former Arsenal player uncovered a letter written to himself, in which he explains how he tried to push himself away from gambling, focus more on his family and pay his debts. He said that gambling addiction was not about the money but an illness that caused him to lose his Premiership Football earnings in the 90s. 

Luckily, Merson says he has an app called Game Ban that has a yearly subscription and cuts out everything that includes gambling on your phone.

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