Oxford Vaccinologist Says Booster Jab Is Not Needed for Everyone

The scientist behind the Oxford vaccine reveals that not everyone will have to receive the booster jab, as the UK can send those vaccines to countries in need. Prof Dame Sarah Gilbert reported that since the vaccine immunity is long-lived in most cases, only some Brits that have vulnerable immune systems will need the booster shot. 

She also added that the UK needs to send the vaccines to countries that have low vaccinated populations. 

Since the vaccine rollout in December, more than 30 million UK residents have been vaccinated.

The UK vaccine consultative board will give its final answer on the booster jabs any day now. 

Following the vaccinologist’s opinion, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) previously stated that the third dose of the vaccines should be recommended to people with critical immune systems, which sums up to nearly half a million Brits. Still, they have not come to a decision if Brits who have received two doses of the vaccine should get the booster jabs. The Health Secretary, Mr Javid, said that he hoped for the booster programme to start by the end of the month, but he was still waiting for the final decision from the JCVI. 

In July, the JCVI recommended that more than 30 million Brits should receive the third dose, which will also include adults that are over 50. 

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