Oxford Vaccine Chief Says UK’s Booster Plan Is Foolhardy

UK’s health secretary, Sajid Javid, recently stated that the country plans to give a third Covid shot to its most vulnerable groups (such as the over 50s).

However, Prof. Sir Andrew Pollard does not condone that plan, saying that the vaccines are better used if delivered to the unvaccinated abroad. According to Prof. Pollard, the UK has no cause for concern yet.

On the other hand, Mr Javid says that his current plan is to provide the booster jab in combination with the flu vaccine to protect the country’s elderly citizens this winter. Since respiratory viruses subsided last year due to the various lockdowns, scientists warn they are set to return in force.

Sir Andrew maintains that any decision on whether or not a booster shot is needed should be scientifically based. He says that the booster jab should only be used if evidence suggests an increase in hospitalisation or death among the vaccinated and that herd immunity isn’t possible due to the highly infectious nature of the Delta variant. Prof. Pollard ends that the UK should focus on improving the hospital treatment of the seriously ill Covid sufferers instead.

Considering how the NHS executives declared that they need more preparation time for the vaccination of millions against both viruses, time will tell when and how the government will implement the booster shot plans.

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