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North Schools to Pilot Gambling Eductation Programme

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated September, 28, 2021

Grief-stricken families set up a charity and a youth gambling education programme due to a rising number of suicides related to gambling. The goal for Gambling with Lives is for young people to learn about the harms of gambling and its prevention. 

Before being presented throughout the whole country, the programme will be initially launched in Northern Ireland and England schools. 

The programme is based on substantial research and formed by experts, teachers, movie makers, scholars who have experience with gambling and its negative effects. Its goal is to help young people understand and learn more about the harms of gambling and where to search for help.

What’s more, it will raise awareness about substance abuse related to gambling. As of 2020, over a third of teens and young adults participated in a gambling activity.

The main purpose of this programme is to teach teens and young adults the fundamentals of gambling such as odds, risk and the “house edge”

What singles it out from other programmes is that it is not delivered by industry-funded charitable organizations. In addition to this, the programme will show how the gambling marketing industry and addictive products work and their consequences. 

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