Money-Stealing Malware Scam Gains Access to Over 300,000 Android phones

Android users have been warned about a malware scam that steals money just by answering the phone. 

This malware scam seems to go undetected by many antivirus scanners, and it is capable of stealing your banking information. 

Researchers from Clarify reported that this malware edition was already detected in Brazil, where it circulated through various Google Store apps.

Text messaging frauds and SMS phishing were the primary suspects for the identification of the malware scam. 

According to other reports, the malware is already spread to over 300 thousand Android phones and is camouflaged as document scanning, fitness and banking apps. The most important part of this scam were ‘threat actors’ reaching out to Android users by a phone call and stealing their online banking information. 

So, how can Android users spot unwanted malicious activity on their phones? These are a few things that you can do:

  • Check your phone for shady apps, delete them immediately and run a scan on a worthy and strong antivirus software that supports Android
  • See if your phone has an unexpected increase in your mobile data and battery activity. 
  • Talk to your friends and check if they received any unusual text messages from you that contain links, as this malware can easily spread through your contact list. 

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