Life Expectancy in Different Parts of England Decreased Before Covid-19

New reports reveal that parts of North England have noticed a drop in life expectancy within the last ten years. Analysts reported that the life expectancy difference between a man from Kensington or Chelsea and a man living in Blackpool is 27 years.

The newest research shows that this drop has been going down for over ten years, even though the pandemic was another reason for declining life expectancy. 

Prof Majid Ezzati from the Imperial College London stated that this drop was worrisome despite Brits thinking that the overall health has been improving. In fact, the latest data shows that for the largest parts of England, the life expectancy has worsened throughout the years.

Based upon the deaths records in England between 2002 and 2019, researchers analyzed and figured out the longevity of Brits in different parts of England. 

The research also revealed that although the life expectancy increased in most parts of England for the first ten years of the millennium, it took a downward turn from 2010 until now.

Life expectancy for Brits living in Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool was 75 for females and below 70 for males. However, Brits who live in London will live longer as they have the highest life expectancy in England (80.9 and 84.7 for men and women, accordingly).

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