Investor Group Acquires McAfee for $14 Billion

The importance of a good antivirus in a work-from-home age is bigger than ever. This is probably why one of the most popular AV providers, McAfee, was recently bought for over $14 billion.

McAfee revealed the news in a press release on their news website, along with details about how the company closed the deal and what the new owner’s future objectives are.

According to the press release, the software giant wasn’t acquired by a single company, but a bigger investor group. Some of the investors include Permira Advisers LLC, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Advent International Corporation, and more.

For a hefty price tag of over $14 billion, the investors got the company itself, as well as covered the debt McAfee accumulated over the past years. This is good news for the antivirus provider, as the company now has the chance to start over and get enough financial support to improve their offers.

Loyal fans of McAfee and its antivirus products are very likely concerned about the company’s future after the news. However, the investors don’t plan to change McAfee’s successful formula. 

The head of Advent’s Technology Investment Team, Bryan Taylor, stated in the press release that they will continue to build on McAfee’s platform to keep delivering consumer digital protection.

Although McAfee has been bought up, the investor group believes it’s a great way for the company to move past its debts and expand further as it’s one of the top antivirus suites on the market. 

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