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Instagram lets users add pronouns to their profile

Written by, Ljubica Gjorgievska

Updated September, 28, 2021

The second most popular social platform in the UK, Instagram, together with some other social media and dating apps, have allowed their users to add pronouns to their profiles. Instagram came out with this news on Tuesday via a Twitter post. 

You can use this feature just by clicking the Edit-profile option, and you can display up to four pronouns in faded grey text next to your name. 

To stop the feature from being used for harassment, Instagram has taken several preventable steps. For example, you can choose from only 41 suggested pronouns, and you can hide the pronouns from anyone that is not following you. It is most likely that this will be the default setting for users under 18.

However, for now, the feature is only available in some English-speaking countries, but it is expected that more countries will be able to use it very soon. For comparison, Facebook first added this feature back in 2014, but it still offers limited pronouns such as “he/him, she/her, and they/them.

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