Facebook to launch Stories Scheduling, new Ad and Business Options

Facebook has announced that they will update their Business Suite management platform. Along with a new business discovery feature in the News Feed, there will also be a Stories scheduling feature that can be used both on Instagram and Facebook.

Being the most used social media platform in the UK, Facebook has been looking for new ways to put topic-based recommendations into the News Feed for a couple of years. This new approach is a little different, and it focuses solely on business discovery. The recommendations will show up under posts related to fitness, restaurants, beauty, clothing and more.

On the other hand, Stories scheduling will become one of the management tools of Facebook, which will allow its user to schedule a story to go live at a specific time both on Instagram and Facebook. Until now, Stories scheduling was only available through third-party apps, while now you can have a single calendar tool for Facebook and Instagram, which will help you outline your content strategy.

Given the rise of the stories format, and Facebook ads reaching up to 37 million people in the UK, it is no wonder why brands are combining these two into their outreach strategy.

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