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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Experiencing a Global Blackout

Written by, Ljubica Gjorgievska

Updated October, 5, 2021

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp experienced a global blackout, disconnecting people from the social media platforms for no less than six hours. This is the worst commotion that Facebook has faced in the last two years. 

On the other hand, the social media giant was already going through an adverse reaction to the allegations from an informant that Facebook turned a deaf ear to the distribution of false information and the negative impacts from its social media network.

Frances Haugen, who left her product manager position at Facebook a few months back, had to appear in a Senate hearing this Tuesday in order to testify against the company. According to written statements, Frances compares Facebook to tobacco and car companies that don’t put the dangers of their product out in the open. Additionally, she aims to encourage lawmakers to monitor Facebook more carefully.

The outage began somewhere around 4:30 pm UK time when social media users couldn’t load or post on the platforms, send messages or even access the Oculus website. This means that over 50 million Brits were out of luck when trying to share their latest post on the social media service. 

Facebook apologized afterwards for what was supposedly a “faulty configuration change” in its network. 

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