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British Tourists Who Will Travel to EU Will Be Charged €7

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated September, 29, 2021

EU officials confirmed last night that British tourists that would want to go on a holiday to their favourite destinations such as Spain, France and Greece, will have to pay a €7 (£6) charge from next year.

Brussels is planning to introduce the new travel system next year, meaning that all non-EU citizens from 62 countries, including Great Britain, will have to pay to enter the border-free Schengen zone.

Additionally, the EETIAS ( European Travel Information and Authorisation System) will allow the EU to pre-screen travellers’ information, which also includes criminal records.

This pre-screen scheme will be similar to the ESTA system that allows a 90-day visa-free stay for citizens from 39 countries. However, the ETIAS version will count for multiple entries and will be valid for up to three years.

Although such plans were first suggested in 2016, prior to Brexit, regulations were officially confirmed by EU officials on Tuesday. The main reason behind these plans is to avoid the need for more complex visas. 

By the end of 2022, it is expected that the ETIAS scheme will be up and running.

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