BBC Licence Fee Payer Willing to Serve Jail Time Rather Than Paying the Broadcaster

A retired woman has reported that she would rather go to jail than pay the yearly licencing fee from BBC. Two months earlier, BBC reported that older adults over 75 would have to start to pay the licencing fee at the beginning of August. 

Up until August 2020, senior citizens have been granted free BBC licence. In 2019/20, a total of 25,527,840 TV licenses were provided to the people living in the UK.

A caller from Blackpool named Katie stated to TalkRADIO that the broadcaster had hunted her down after telling them she did not want to pay the licence fee. 

Katie told the radio she was willing to go to jail and watch TV from BBC for free. She also said that she is 77 years old and that there is a threatening red letter and enforcement people from the broadcaster forcing her to pay the fee. 

Katie had been a licence payer until she was 75, and she stated to O’Sullivan that she didn’t even watch TV content from BBC. She even said that their programmes were absolute rubbish. 

Additionally, GB News Patrick Christys reported that he supports and agrees with the pensioners saying that BBC is “criminalising the elderly”.

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