Avast Reinforces Privacy Services for Avast One

Avast is now updating its Avast One portfolio with privacy features that will be launched as a whole service. The multi-platform will now have the latest privacy features aimed at protecting people’s personal information that is connected with online activities. Avast One for families and individuals will include four features, and they will be primarily available for Windows users. Here’s what they will include in this version of the Avast One:

  • Smart VPN – this will enable users to use online banking and make sure their personal information is safe in a secure way via an encrypted session, especially when they use public WiFi.
  • Kill Switch – this newly added feature will make sure to disconnect you from the internet and keep your information secure when the VPN drops.
  • Tracking Prevention – along with Avast’s licensed anti-fingerprinting technology, this feature will update the fingerprint data everytime a user visits a page and put in new data that will prevent them from digital fingerprint fraud. 
  • Private Mode – the last feature combines the VPN and the Tracking Prevention features and will ensure both a private connection on the internet and safe browsing without fingerprint issues. 

As for the Avast One Essential, the free version of the antivirus software, they will add the latest Privacy Advisor that will help users improve their privacy settings on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and more.

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