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Australia to Receive 4 Million Vaccine Doses from the UK

Written by, Ljubica Cvetkovska

Updated September, 3, 2021

Australia will receive four million doses of Covid-19 vaccines from the UK as an exchange strategy for the booster jab campaign later this year. The Prime Minister reported that over 290 thousand BioNTech/Pfizer jabs would get to Australia in the following days and the remaining shots by the end of September. 

In return, Australia will give back 4 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, as the UK health department reveals. 

This bargain is aimed to get a move on the vaccination process, which happens to be the slowest in the world. Morrison said that this plan would bring the prospect for reopening dates.

According to UK’s estimations, there are more than enough vaccines in the country and it would be best to donate them before their expiration period. This will also allow London to make space for the booster campaign at the end of 2021.

According to official data, nearly 80% of Brits over 16 are fully vaccinated. 

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