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A Red List Deadline Rushes Thousands Of Brits To Return Home From Their Vacation

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated August, 27, 2021

Thousand of Brits are pushed to pack their bags and return home from Thailand and Montenegro after 4 A.M on Monday since the two countries enter the red list, and Brits will have to go into mandatory hotel quarantine if they don’t meet the deadline. 

Many Britons were unprepared for these changes and reported that there aren’t enough direct flights, making it harder for them to return home over the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Research shows that direct flights from Montenegro have been sold out, and now British vacationers have no choice but to make not one but two connecting flights either from Poland or Serbia and return to the homeland before Monday starts. 

The same thing applies to Brits who are vacationing on the beaches of Thailand. There is only one direct flight from Phuket this night, and it will cost Brits £507.

Some travellers reported that they have been able to secure flights from Montenegro that will cost them £1,000 to book the additional flights and an extra £300 to stay over at a hotel.

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