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A Decrease in the Overall GGY in UK’s Online Gambling Sector

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated August, 10, 2021

Recent reports show that there was still a decline in the overall gross gambling yield during June, even though the online gambling sector in the UK recorded a rise in betting and gambling activities due to high interest in the European championship. 

According to the most recent market revision, UK’s Gambling Commission data shows that these are the sector’s lowest number since November last year, recording a combined GGY of £496 million. 

All online verticals reported double-digit GGY drops, not including the sports betting sector which registered a £242 million gain (1% month-on-month). Still, the betting that was made during the Euro 2020 Championship, could not compare to the lockdown January-to-April epitome. 

Because of UK’s gamblers interest in the European Championship, the online gambling sector active players figures increased to 11.3 million (4%). Sports betting, on the other hand, reported a rise of 5.6 million active players, which still couldn’t stack up against the peaks for the Grand National racing events. 

On the flip side, the total number of online gambling bets had a decline of £6.1 billion, as online casinos and online slots recorded 10% and 8% month-on-month drops, respectively. 

The UK Gambling Commission stated that they will continue to expect attentiveness from the operators as customers are still affected by the prolonged pandemic and their financial and private conditions.  

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