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Relyon Mattress Review 2024: The Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Model

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Mattress type: Pocket spring memory foam
Mattress depth: 27cm
Trial period : No trial
Warranty : 8 years
Price: £669-£1,147

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Lasting support
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to set up
  • Hand-tufted mattress
  • Cons

  • Retains heat
  • Single-sided
  • Few online reviews
  • At the end of a long working day, we all want the perfect bed to relax on.

    The Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket mattress provides comfort and support at an affordable price so it might be just what you’re looking for. 

    This is another thorough research that the Don’t Disappoint Me team has made in order to find the ultimate mattress for back sleepers. Keep reading our Relyon Mattress review to find out all about its features, reviews, pros, cons, and much more.


    Comfort 9.5/10
    Support 9/10
    Motion Isolation 9/10
    Cooling 7/10
    Edge Support 9.5/10
    Company Reputation 9/10
    Value for Money 9/10

    Relyon: Brand Snapshot

    The company first started producing 100% wool mattresses more than 160 years ago. In 1858, the Somerset family were wool merchants who began making high-quality mattresses and built the reputation of the Relyon name as handcrafted, comfortable beds.

    The company manufactures almost everything from scratch. Its springs are made in its spring factory; there’s a wood mill for the furniture and an in-house laboratory to test out materials in accordance with European standards and product specifications.

    Relyon produces mattresses, beds, bases, headboards, fabrics, and pillows.

    The mattresses are a combination of pocket springs and foam. They come in many shapes and sizes, but if you can’t find the perfect size you need, the company also manufactures products to your specifications.

    You can’t buy Relyon mattresses directly from them, but they supply quality retailers around the UK.

    Materials & Construction

    The Relyon mattresses consist of natural wool fibers, which provide airflow and anti-allergenic materials. The cover is made from a smooth, soft fabric, creating a cozy feeling.

    Layer 1: Each of the steel springs inside the mattress is pocketed in fabric. The Relyon Pocket Memory Classic 1500 mattress has 1,500 springs (thus the name). To tie all the coils together, a linen cord is pulled between them. That way, the bed reacts to the body’s contours. The mattress is hand-tufted to bind all the springs and empty spaces in-between.

    Layer 2: To add more pressure relief and more support, this mattress also has a 5cm foam layer.

    And for extra support, the mattress has two rows of side stitching.


    Most Relyon mattresses are medium-firm, more on the firm end than the soft. The Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket is around 6.5/10 on the firmness scale.

    These mattresses have some bounciness because of the springs, but not too much since there’s a foam layer, which absorbs pressure, as well.

    But if you’re looking for a softer mattress, you should check out the Simba Hybrid Pro. It is still a medium-firm mattress but leaning more on the soft side rather than the firm—it would be 5.5 or 6/10 on a firmness scale. And if you like firmer beds being a back or stomach sleeper, maybe the Eve mattress might be what you need, with its 7.5/10 firmness rating.

    Comfort & Support

    The Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket mattress is very comfortable. This is because of the foam layer, which absorbs pressure and lets the highest points of your body sink in. Below the memory foam are the pocket springs, which provide support and air circulation through the mattress.

    Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers would enjoy this mattress because of the absorbing powers of the memory foam. The mattress will contour the sleeper’s body, and the shoulders and hips will sink into the foam while still being supported by the base spring layer. 

    Back Sleepers

    This is an excellent mattress for back sleepers because of the medium-firm surface (more on the firm side) and excellent support provided by the pocketed springs. The bed isn’t very soft, so the sleeper won’t feel like they’re “wrapped” in the memory foam.

    Stomach Sleepers

    As is true for back sleepers, stomach sleepers enjoy firmer mattresses, so they don’t feel like they’re sinking into the bed or feel suffocated. So, this would be an ideal choice for stomach sleepers because of the firmness and support it offers.

    All in all, this mattress provides pressure relief and support. Still, comfort is individual, but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed by Relyon mattresses.

    Temperature Regulation

    The foam inside the mattress has some insulation properties and tends to retain heat. Although heat retention is moderate for this type of mattress, hot sleepers might want to look elsewhere if sleeping cool is among their priorities.

    If you’re a hot sleeper you should check out the Tempur Hybrid or the Dormeo Memory Plus mattresses since they have cooling properties and allow more air circulation during sleep.

    Motion Transfer

    The 5cm foam layer absorbs pressure exactly at the place where it’s applied, so this mattress is good at motion isolation. 

    Nevertheless, the springs underneath give it some bounciness, and you’ll probably be able to tell if your partner is moving in the bed or getting out of it, but not to the point that it disturbs your sleep, even if you’re a light sleeper. 

    Edge Support

    This mattress has excellent edge support. The springs inside extend the sleeping area to the very edges and give the bed a firm feel. They also add strength to the perimeter and allow the sleeper to use the whole surface of the bed.

    The mattress has two rows of stitching on the sides, which give extra edge support. Without the side stitching, the mattress would be more susceptible to bulging.

    Durability & Maintenance

    Relyon mattresses are as durable as any other high-end beds. After seven or eight years, the springs inside will loosen up from the constant use and won’t be as supportive as they used to be. Still, to prolong the lifespan of your mattress, you can do a couple of things.

    Removing the bed covers once a week will let the mattress breathe. You can do this in the morning, so the body moisture evaporates.

    What’s more, you should use a mattress protector to keep your bed free from dirt or moisture. You can also vacuum your mattress regularly.

    What’s more, you shouldn’t sit on the edges for long periods to avoid damaging or loosening them. Don’t jump on the bed, and never put the mattress in plastic wrapping so it doesn’t condensate from any moisture it might contain.

    This is a one-sided mattress, so even if you wanted to, you can’t flip it. What you can do is rotate it in the first three months, and then afterward—once a month. By doing this, you avoid letting the foam receive pressure only in one spot all the time which will prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

    Other Beds by Relyon

    Next in our comprehensive Relyon Pocket Memory Classic 1500 mattress review, we’ll go over other attractive models the company offers.

    Relyon Classic Natural Supreme

    This mattress provides comfort and excellent support with the 1,390 springs, which move independently and will support you no matter your body shape or your weight. The natural fibers it’s made of give it a luxurious touch and softness. What’s more, the mattress uses hydrofresh materials, so it absorbs the moisture leaving you fresh in your sleep.

    Like other models from this range, you shouldn’t turn but instead rotate it. You can put it on either divan and slatted bed bases. The two rows of side stitching and the springs near the edges wrapped in thick foam give this medium-firm mattress excellent edge support.

    It’s delivered compressed and rolled, and you get a five-year warranty. It comes in five sizes and is 26cm deep.

    Relyon Classic Natural Superb

    This 25cm deep, medium-firm mattress is very comfortable and supportive because of the 1,190 pocket springs, all moving independently to support you no matter your body type. It’s made from natural fibers and hydrofresh fibers, which make it soft, cozy, and keep it fresh. 

    The mattress is hand-tufted with wool tufts to secure all loose fillings. You shouldn’t flip it, but just rotate it. This model has excellent edge support since the pocket springs are layered with thick foam. The two rows of side stitching also help with the edge support and give the mattress a refined finish.

    You’ll receive this model compressed and rolled. It comes with a five-year warranty and in five sizes.

    Relyon Classic Natural Deluxe

    This medium-firm mattress is 24cm deep and has 1,090 full-size pocketed springs, each moving individually, providing comfort and excellent support for all body types. It’s made of natural wool materials and hydrofresh microclimate control fabric, making it soft, dry, and fresh.

    You can put your mattress on a divan and slatted bases after quickly and easily unpacking it. It has great edge support, provided by the springs that are surrounded by thick foam near the edges. Plus, the two rows of side stitching make its edges more stable than those of comparable models. 

    The mattress is delivered compressed and rolled, and it’s got a five-year warranty. You can find it in five sizes.

    Relyon Bee Calm 1100 Pocket Memory

    This mattress is 22cm deep, medium in firmness, and it’s got 1,100 pocket springs, all moving individually to provide comfort and support. There is a layer of Superflex breathable foam which allows air circulation.

    The mattress has two layers—the first one consists of pocketed springs and the other one is the foam layer. What’s more, the materials used are hypoallergenic.

    Since the springs inside are encased in foam, this bed has great edge support. It comes compressed, rolled, and vacuumed, and it’s easy to unpack. Once unpacked, you can put it on a divan or slatted bed base. You shouldn’t turn the mattress, but you should rotate it to prolong its lifespan.

    The mattress comes in five sizes and has a five-year guarantee.

    Relyon Bee Cozy 1450 Pocket Memory

    This is a 24cm deep, medium-firm mattress that provides excellent comfort and support with its 1,450 pocket springs which move individually and contour your body. For extra comfort, it has a foam layer on top of the springs.

    This mattress also has great edge support because of its foam edge max wall. You shouldn’t turn it, but you can rotate it once in a while. It’s delivered rolled and compressed, comes in five sizes, and has a five-year warranty.

    Relyon Bee Relaxed

    This Relyon memory foam mattress has a foam layer that increases pressure relief and a Superflex foam layer to provide support for any body type or sleeping style. It’s 16.5cm deep, and is medium-firm. Plus, it has hypoallergenic materials and allows airflow. 

    Once unpacked, you can put it on a divan or slatted base. It’s easy to use—you shouldn’t flip it but instead rotate it to make it last longer. It arrives rolled and compressed; you get five sizes to choose from and a five-year warranty.

    Relyon Comfort Pure Memory 1400 Pocket

    This mattress has 1,400 individually pocketed springs to create comfort and support. The 100% probiotic fabric protects you from allergies, and it’s got a breathable memory foam. It has good edge support and an eight-year warranty. You shouldn’t turn but rotate this mattress to increase its lifespan.

    Relyon Memory Plus 1800 Pocket

    This Relyon pocket sprung mattress has 800 mini pocket springs and 1,000 regular sized ones which provide stable support since they move independently. 

    The materials used are a 100% probiotic fabric to protect you from allergies or bacteria, an ecocool quilt for extra cooling, and memory foam for extra air circulation. The EdgeMax system provides excellent edge support and additional airflow in the mattress. What’s more, this model has an eight-year warranty.

    Warranty & Trial Period

    The Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket mattress comes with an eight-year warranty covering faulty materials, poor workmanship, or defects. This model is very affordable and very durable for the price. With good care, your mattress will last for eight years without sagging or any other issues.

    However, there isn’t a trial period for the Relyon mattresses.

    Relyon offers a longer warranty than some brands, but it’s still shorter than high-end models, like Dormeo Octasmart Plus (18 years).

    Mattress Delivery

    The mattress is delivered rolled, compressed and vacuumed, for easier and safer delivery. It’s effortless to unpack; just be careful when cutting the wrap.

    Once it’s opened, put it on your bed base—either a divan or slatted bed base. Give it some time to regain its standard shape, and you can sleep on it after a couple of hours. 

    As is the case with most mattresses of this type, there will be some off-gassing but the odour goes away after a few days.

    Delivery depends on where you live. As we mentioned, these mattresses are produced in the UK and are supplied to retailers. You can find a list of local Relyon beds stockists by entering the first letters of your postcode on the official Relyon website.

    The retailer makes the delivery as soon as possible, unless you give them a specific date. Although Relyon doesn’t sell mattresses itself, it supplies British retailers and doesn’t offer export services. So, if you live abroad, you can order your mattress from British Beds Worldwide LTD on its website. The delivery is free of charge.

    Sizes & Pricing

    If you are trying to find the prices for the mattresses on the official Relyon website—you won’t be able to. The prices vary because of the wide range of stockists it supplies. Still, to give you some idea about the cost of the Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket mattress, below is a list of the prices from the Mattress Online website:

    Size Dimensions Price
    Relyon Single mattress 190cm X 90cm £669
    Relyon Small Double mattress 190cm X 120cm  £864
    Relyon Double mattress 190cm X 135cm £599.95 (discount at the time of publishing applied)
    Relyon mattress King size 200cm X 150cm  £649.95 (discount at the time of publishing applied)
    Relyon Super King mattress 200cm X 180cm £1,147

    On the MattressNextDay and Mattressman websites, you can find which of the Relyon mattresses are on sale to make some savings.

    Customer Reviews

    Relyon beds reviews from customers are mostly positive. Let’s check out some of them.

    On Slumber Search, Relyon mattresses have an 8.6/10 rating. Most reviews say that the mattresses are high quality or that they improved customers’ sleep. Still, there are some complaints about durability and slow customer service.

    To make an even stronger case for the quality of this brand, let’s take a look at some of the awards and certifications it has earned:

    • In 2013, the Relyon Support and Luxury Divan beds earned the FIRA Gold Product Certification.
    • Relyon had the honour of being awarded The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers’ highly prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark in 1994.


    Although Relyon mattresses are outstanding, they’re not the only ones on the market. Let’s check some of the alternatives and see how they differ.

    Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress vs Dormeo Octasmart Plus

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress 
    Comfort Very comfortable Very comfortable
    Support Very supportive Very supportive
    Firmness Medium-firm (6.5/10 on the firmness scale) Medium firm (6.5/10 on the firmness scale)
    Layers 3 2
    Delivery method Rolled and compressed Rolled and compressed
    Depth 17cm 27cm
    Airflow Allows airflow (it’s great for hot sleepers) Retains some heat (not much)
    Motion isolation Isolates motion Isolates motion
    Manufactured In Italy In the UK
    Warranty 18 years 8 years
    Trial period 60 nights No trial period
    Sizes 4 5
    Price £599.99-£1,199.99 £669–£1,147

    Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress vs Emma Original

    Emma Original Mattress Relyon Hurley Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress
    Comfort Very comfortable Very comfortable
    Support Very supportive Very supportive
    Firmness Medium-firm (6/10 on the firmness scale) Medium-firm (6.5/10 on the firmness scale)
    Layers 3 2
    Delivery method Rolled and compressed Rolled and compressed
    Depth 25cm 27cm
    Airflow Allows airflow (it’s great for hot sleepers) Retains some heat (not much)
    Motion isolation Isolates motion Isolates motion
    Manufactured In the UK In the UK
    Warranty 10 years 8 years
    Trial period 200 nights No trial period
    Sizes 5 5
    Price £449-£899 £669–£1,147

    Bottom Line

    If you want a long-lasting, comfortable mattress at an affordable price, then the Relyon Hurley may be the best option for you.

    Although it retains a bit of body heat and you can’t flip it, it’s one of the best mattresses you’ll find on the market—it’s hand-tufted with care and the materials used are soft, gentle, and natural. The pocket springs will give you stable support all through the mattress surface, the edges included.

    We hope we’ve helped you pick your next bed with our comprehensive Relyon mattress review.


    Is Relyon a good mattress?

    Yes, Relyon mattresses are top-notch. There are many kinds and sizes to pick from to satisfy your specific needs.

    What makes Relyon beds unique?

    The company produces hand-tufted mattresses with its own materials. It has been in business for a very long time—since 1858.

    How long does a Relyon mattress last?

    About as long as the warranty period, about five to eight years. Of course, you can prolong your mattress’s lifespan by taking good care of it.

    Where are Relyon mattresses made?

    Relyon mattresses are made in the UK.

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