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Nectar Mattress Review 2022 – The Universal Sleep Solution

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Mattress type: Memory foam
Mattress depth: 25cm
Trial period: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: £769-£1,284

Updated: July, 23, 2023


  • Excellent value for money
  • Great for couples
  • Solid edge support
  • Long trial period—a full year
  • Seamless motion transfer
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Cons

  • Lacks bounciness
  • Unsuitable for heavier sleepers
  • Today we have the Nectar Sleep mattress on the menu, or more precisely—in our bed. In this Nectar Mattress review, we’ll take a deep dive into the minute details and answer the most important questions about it, such as:

    • Is it firm?
    • Is it soft?
    • Is it comfortable?
    • Is it for back or side sleepers?
    • Will your partner like it?
    • Is the price tag worth it?

    These are just some of the things we were curious about when we started looking into the Nectar Sleep mattress. So join us to see who this mattress is for and whether it’s the right choice for you.


    Comfort 10/10
    Support 9/10
    Motion Isolation 9/10
    Cooling 7/10
    Edge Support 7/10
    Company Reputation 8/10
    Value for Money 8/10

    Nectar Sleep:Brand Snapshot

    Established in 2016, Nectar Sleep is based in California, USA. It’s one of the most popular bed-in-a-box companies, and the Nectar Mattress is its first and flagship model, followed up with the Nectar Lush Mattress—a softer and thicker variant. The Nectar online store also offers bedroom furniture, bedding, pillows, etc.

    Nectar Mattress Material & Construction

    The Nectar Sleep mattress is a four-layered all-foam one. It has a thickness of 25cm, most of which consists of the top three soft memory foam layers. In the first two layers, the memory foam is infused with gel, adding cooling features to the mattress.

    Cover Layer

    The mattress is encased in a soft quilted cover specially designed to keep you cool and dry, no matter how much you toss and turn during the night.

    Support Layer

    Under the cover, the Nectar Sleep mattress has a layer of foam that not only regulates temperature but also stops you from sinking too far into the bed or retaining heat.

    Transition Layer

    Next is a section made of high-grade memory foam that provides ample firmness and support while contouring perfectly to your body shape and sleeping position.

    Base Layer

    The bottom layer features seven different zones, providing support throughout the night on all critical pressure points.

    Bottom Cover

    The bottom cover is essentially a wrap-around positioning base that keeps the mattress in place so that it doesn’t shift around on your foundation.

    Nectar Mattress Firmness

    Depending on the sleeper, firmness can be a very subjective property and hard to estimate. Because of the memory foam, it has a nice softness on top and gets gradually firmer in the lower layers. In our Nectar Mattress review for the UK, we give it a 6.5/10 score on the mattress firmness scale. This makes the Nectar Mattress a medium-firm one.

    Due to the nature of memory foam, Nectar mattresses aren’t very responsive or bouncy. Their firmness produces a feeling of slow dip rather than the quicksand-like sinking usually associated with foam beds.

    Nectar Mattress Comfort & Support

    Memory foam has the intrinsic property of contouring around your body and supporting you in every sleeping position. A Nectar bed offers a nice balance between support and pressure relief, making it a more universal solution for most sleeping styles.

    Every sleeping style has its prerequisites. The Nectar Sleep mattress has a firm but comforting feel and can accommodate almost every type of sleeper.

    • Back sleepers will find that the Nectar Mattress lends adequate spinal support while also conforming to their body nicely, providing consistency and pressure relief.
    • Side sleepers will get decent softness on their shoulders and hips because of the memory foam layers. However, lighter side sleepers don’t exert much force on the mattress, and because of this, it may feel too firm to them.
    • Stomach sleepers usually need firm mattresses to keep their spine in proper alignment. Nectar mattresses are up to the task of ensuring that the hips stay level with the shoulders. Nevertheless, we must point out that heavier stomach sleepers will sink deeper into the mattress, which can cause spinal disbalance. For this reason, they might want to seek out an even firmer mattress.

    Nectar mattresses provide an optimal balance of softness and firmness for average-weight people. Light people will also find it comfortable, although it might be too firm for side sleepers. 

    Although it’s one of the best options for heavy sleepers, the sinkage might be too deep. Larger stomach sleepers are especially affected by this, as it can easily throw their spine into misalignment. Because of that, it’s generally recommended that heavier sleepers go for an innerspring or hybrid mattress.

    Nectar Mattress Temperature Regulation

    One of memory foam’s most notorious features is heat retention. The Nectar Sleep mattress performs much better than average, although it isn’t immune to trapping heat. Most people will sleep fine, but severe hot sleepers might struggle with overheating. If you are a hot sleeper and would like a mattress to keep you cool at night, check out Brook and Wilde’s UItima as another option

    To deliver more neutral temperatures during sleep, some of the measures they implement are a Tencel cooling cover which provides better air circulation, while the two top layers of gel-infused memory foam pull heat away from the sleeper.

    Nectar Mattress Motion Transfer

    The Nectar Mattress top layer is made of slow-moving memory foam, which makes it a great motion isolator. As a result, any movement on the mattress is easily absorbed within the material. This makes the Nectar Sleep mattress great for couples. Tossing and turning or getting up at night will barely cause any disturbance to you or your partner.

    Nectar Mattress Edge Support

    In general, edge support isn’t the strongest attribute of all-foam mattresses. However, the Nectar bed has an above-average rating in this regard. You can comfortably sit on the edge without feeling like you’ll slide off. Namely, with Nectar’s minimal edge compression, its perimeter feels almost as comfortable as its middle.

    Although Nectar mattresses by specification have a weight limit of 300kg, heavier stomach sleepers might want to seek out a firmer, more supportive option, preferably coil or hybrid.

    Nectar Mattress Durability & Maintenance

    Typically, the average lifespan of an all-foam mattress is about seven years. Be that as it may, this is where one of the best Nectar benefits comes into play. With its “Forever” Warranty, this is a mattress you’ll own for life. Unfortunately, even though the Nectar Sleep mattress can be rotated 180o, it isn’t symmetrical, so it can’t be flipped to reduce the normal wear and tear.

    The Tencel cover is zippered and removable. This is a boon compared to a mattress like the Simba Hybrid Pro, for example, whose cover you can’t take off. It’s possible to launder the Nectar’s cover in a washing machine, but it isn’t recommended since it could cause permanent damage. Instead, when it comes to spills and stains, it’s best to spot-clean with a mild detergent.

    According to the official website, the Nectar Sleep mattress works fine when positioned on most standard bed foundations and bases; however, it isn’t recommended that you place it on the floor, a plastic base, or a homemade foundation.

    Nectar Mattress Accessories

    In addition to the Nectar memory foam mattress, you can order a wide range of accessories from the Nectar store. On the website, you can find pre-made bundles of products at a discounted price or pick and choose individual ones. Namely, Nectar Sleep offers various types of bedroom furniture and bedding:

    Bedroom furniture:

    • The Nectar Platform Bed Frame
    • The Nectar Luxury Headboard Bed Frame
    • The Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed
    • The Sofa Bed
    • Nectar Bedside Tables (Pair)


    • Premium Nectar Pillows (Pair)
    • A Whole Night’s Sleep Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow


    • The Nectar Bedding Bundle
    • The Nectar Bedding Set
    • The Nectar Mattress Protector
    • The Nectar Duvet
    • The Sumo Sleep Natural Weighted Blanket

    Nectar Mattress Warranty & Trial Period

    The Nectar Sleep mattress has one of the longest trial periods in the whole industry. The trial’s length is 365 days, and it provides an excellent opportunity to test out the mattress across all seasons. Simba and Emma mattresses come the closest with their 200-night trials, but on the other hand we have the iGel Mattress, which only gives you a short 40 days to love it or return it.

    The Nectar also boasts a so-called “Forever” Warranty. Essentially, if any defects occur in the first 10 years, the company will replace your mattress with a brand new one. After that, it’ll either repair and re-cover or replace it, depending on the nature of the fault. If you want to return it or have questions, you can contact Nectar support via email, chat or phone.

    Nectar Sleep Mattress Delivery

    The Nectar Mattress is delivered for free and arrives compressed into a bag. The usual shipping time is three working days, and there’s a shipment tracker available. Conversely, if you were to order a Dormeo mattress, you might have to wait for two weeks to up to a month for it to get there.

    Ordinarily, Nectar Sleep offers White Glove Delivery, which includes delivering and setting up your new mattress, as well as removing and recycling your old one. However, due to the current Covid-19 situation, they also offer No-Contact Delivery to your front door.

    After unpacking, it usually takes 24-72 hours for it to expand fully, and as with all-foam mattresses, some off-gassing is expected, but it’ll most likely dissipate within a day or two. Since Nectar mattresses are CertiPUR certified, they’re free from any harmful chemicals, and if there’s any smell, it’s most likely from the vacuum packing of the new foams.

    Nectar Mattress Sizes & Pricing

    The Nectar price is lower than the industry average for its class and quality grade. For example, even though you can buy a Dormeo for half the amount, you’d be getting a lower-ranked bed as well. The Nectar is one of the best value-for-money mattresses out there. In the chart below, you can check out the breakdown of the prices and sizes available at the time of writing.

    Size Dimensions Price
    Nectar Single Mattress 90cm x 190cm x 25cm £769
    Nectar Double Mattress 135cm x 190cm x 25cm £1,014
    Nectar King Mattress 150cm x 200cm x 25cm £1,159
    Nectar Super King Mattress 180cm x 200cm x 25cm £1,284

    *Prices and available sizes may vary over time

    On top of its general affordability, the company regularly offers additional discounts on its website. Also, make sure to search for a Nectar Mattress discount code, as they’re easy to find online. In addition, you can like the UK Nectar Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter on the official British website to make sure you don’t miss out on any Nectar exclusives.

    Nectar Sleep accepts all major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express), PayPal, and Amazon Pay. Furthermore, it offers 0% financing with SplitIt and Duologi Financing.

    Nectar Mattress Customer Reviews

    The Nectar Sleep mattress has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers and critics alike.

    Although the Nectar Mattress UK website doesn’t contain customer reviews or testimonies, there are plenty of them on their original USA one.

    Nectar Sleep has an excellent rating on Trustpilot, with an average score of 4.4/5 pulled from nearly 10,000 Nectar mattress reviews. Among memory foam mattresses, this is higher than the Dormeo Memory Classic’s 4.3, but lower than the Emma’s 4.6, so if other people’s experiences with a product or company is something you put a lot of stock in when deciding on a purchase, this may be a metric worth considering.

    Reviews on Amazon are also mostly positive, although you can find some Nectar complaints there as well.

    Nectar Sleep Awards & Certifications

    The website quotes: “If our awards and reviews could talk, they’d sing lullabies.” To be fair, they do have an impressive collection of accolades, some of which include:

    • Best Mattress In A Box 2020 – Sleep Foundation
    • Best Overall Mattress 2020 – Sleep Tips
    • Best Memory Foam Mattress – The Sleep Judge

    You can see all of their awards on the website.

    All foams used in a Nectar bed are CertiPUR certified. This ensures that Nectar mattresses don’t contain any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, ozone depleters, or VOCs (Volatile organic compounds). If you’re looking for other mattresses with this certification, check out the Emma and the Eve.

    In addition, the top layer has the highest level of OEKO-TEX certification, which guarantees that the materials are safe for use by children and babies. Furthermore, if sustainability is a major area of concern for you, Nectar Sleep boasts climate-neutral manufacturing, unlike the Tempur mattress, for example, which makes no mention of this aspect anywhere on its website.

    Nectar Mattress Alternatives

    Let’s see how the Nectar competition stacks up against it:

    Nectar vs Eve Original

    These are both very popular memory foam mattresses, specially designed with five layers of high-end foam to conform to the body and suit almost any kind of sleeper. However, there are some differences. For one, the Nectar bed is extremely breathable, whereas the Eve is known to sleep a little hot.

    The Nectar isn’t that great for heavier sleepers, while the Eve mattress isn’t recommended for lightweight users who prefer to sleep on the side. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Nectar comes with a year-long trial period and a lifelong warranty (the longest in the business). At the same time, Eve only has a guarantee of ten years and a 100-night trial period. 

    Nectar vs Simba Mattress 

    Choosing the better bed out of these two depends solely on your preferences. If you’re on the hunt for the soft, sinking feeling of foam, then Nectar might be the most comfortable mattress for you. However, if you want a bit more bounce, then the Simba Hybrid is the better choice. That said, both beds are highly breathable, super comfy and competitively priced.

    Nectar vs Emma Mattress

    If you’re looking for that cloud-like sleeping surface only memory foam can provide, both the Emma Original and Nectar mattresses are a great choice. And even though their pricing is more or less the same, the Nectar Sleep warranty and trial period are second to none in the industry, giving you a whole year to decide if it’s the dream bed for you, compared to Emma’s ten-year guarantee and 200 nights allotted for this purpose.

    Bottom Line: Is This the Mattress for You?

    The Nectar Sleep mattress is a versatile one that can cater to most peoples’ needs. In our Nectar Mattress review, we found it suitable for all sleeper types. However, heavy stomach sleepers would be better off with something firmer. On the other hand, the Nectar might be the most comfortable mattress for couples because of its phenomenal motion isolation and edge support.

    We admit, there are tons of premium mattresses out there, but the accessible Nectar price and lifetime warranty make it a great budget-friendly choice. People who want more bounciness should opt for a pocket spring or hybrid mattress.


    Is the Nectar bed mattress a good mattress?

    The Nectar Sleep mattress is a solid one for all sleeping types. However, unique sleepers might need something more tailored to their needs.

    How safe is a Nectar Sleep mattress?

    The Nectar memory foam mattress is certified by CertiPUR and OEKO-TEX, which means that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Therefore, it’s safe for use by children and babies.

    Is it suitable for people with allergies?

    The Nectar Sleep mattress has a Tencel cover which offers good protection against dust mites and allergens. Although, if you’re particularly sensitive, it’d be good to add a hypoallergenic Nectar Mattress protector or consider a latex mattress.

    Can you flip a Nectar mattress?

    No, Nectar mattresses can’t be flipped. However, they can be rotated by 180° to reduce wear.

    Do Nectar mattresses sag?

    Since the Nectar is a soft memory foam bed, it isn’t immune to sagging. Fortunately, Nectar has you covered. If impressions of 4cm or more appear, they’ll replace your mattress with a brand new one. Scroll up in our Nectar Mattress review for the details.

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