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iGel Mattress Review 2024 – A Long-Lasting Mattress With Good Back Support

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Mattress type : Memory foam
Mattress depth: 35cm
Trial period: 40 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price: £1,269.99-£1,999.99

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Great edge support
  • Outstanding pressure relief
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe and green materials
  • Attractive designs
  • Cons

  • Pricey
  • Short trial period
  • Slow delivery
  • The iGel mattress is one of the most popular beds in Britain. The company manufactures advanced “next-generation” memory foam mattresses sold exclusively by Bensons for Beds. Its ultra-luxury iGel foam has become a favourite for many. 

    The mattress experts at Don’t Disappoint Me focused on the iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top mattress and did extensive research about it. However, does it live up to expectations? Continue reading our comprehensive iGel mattress review to find out.


    Comfort 10/10
    Support 9/10
    Motion isolation 10/10
    Cooling 10/10
    Edge support 10/10
    Company reputation 8/10
    Value for money 8/10

    iGel: Brand Snapshot

    Bensons for Beds is the UK’s largest mattress retailer, and though it sells a variety of bedroom furniture online, the company is best known for its beds and mattresses. 

    It has been in business for 70 years and operates over 250 shops, creating a sleep experience for everyone’s needs. It’s based in Accrington, Lancashire, although one-third of the range is manufactured in Wellington and Huntingdon. Overall, 97% of Benson for Beds iGel mattresses are handmade in the UK.

    Bensons for Beds has a selection of mattress brands to choose from, such as iGel, Tempur, Silentnight, Slumberland, Sensaform, Bespoke, Mammoth, Snooze, and JAY-BE Simply Kids.

    Material & Construction

    iGel mattresses are designed to overcome heat retention using materials that work with your body temperature.

    The iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top mattress measures 35cm—the perfect fit for a standard bed sheet and an excellent choice for any sleeper. 

    The mattress is made up of the following layers:

    The Plush Top

    The Plush Top features a 7.5cm iGel Advance beaded graphene technology gel that allows for pleasant air circulation while keeping you cool, even on hot nights. iGel Graphene technology differs from standard memory foam—it’s a more natural material than synthetic foam. 

    It’s chemical-free, meaning it’s safer for the environment, too. It works seven times faster than standard foam to absorb and release heat.

    AdvantEdge No-Sag Borders

    The mattress is surrounded by AdvantEdge foam and additionally provides edge-to-edge protection, preventing you and your partner from rolling together and disturbing one another. 

    Pocket Spring System

    It has an excellent base of 3,000 individually encased pocket springs across two levels, built to minimise the springs’ motion for premium body support and extra comfort. Combining with the AdvantEdge foam, these work together to improve your mattress’s support and shape, thus extending its lifetime.

    Foundation Layer

    It’s built to contour your body shape, relieving pressure and tension by keeping the hips and shoulders from sinking too deeply into the mattress.


    Topping it all off is the FreshNow moisture-wicking, soft cover with Plush Top that surrounds the iGel Advance Graphene layer for added comfort. It’s made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic textiles, which are 100% recycled PET. 

    What’s more, the cover is removable and machine-washable, making maintenance easy. Overall, it is a greener and safer formula that makes for a soft and pleasant surface. 

    The iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top mattresses are available in an iconic central motif in various colours with either a simple border or six stylish coloured borders. The mattress has handles on all sides, making the initial setup or potential moving easy.

    Overall, this mattress has a unique construction that significantly differs from other high-end models, such as the Simba Hybrid Pro.

    iGel Advance 3000 Firmness

    To accommodate different customers’ needs, the iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top mattress offers two different firmness levels. There aren’t many mattresses that come with such options—this one has medium and firm models available.

    Foam beds usually change shape due to body temperature, whereas this one keeps its firmness throughout the night.

    The iGel Advance 3000 mattress is medium-firm, ranking 6 or 7 on the 1–10 firmness scale, where 1 is sleeping on a cloud, and 10 is lying on concrete. That’s in line with other tall models like Eve Premium.

    Comfort & Support

    The iGel Advance formula provides terrific pressure relief for those who struggle with back pains by preventing the hips and shoulders from sinking too deeply into the mattress. 

    The iGel Advance 3000 proves its quality in terms of support. The 3,000 pocket springs encased in the iGel foam give premium body support.

    Stomach sleepers should aim for a bed that supports their body’s curves and ensures spinal alignment, so their back is not bent in an unnatural way. Not only does this mattress provide that, but the iGel mattress also promotes better posture. 

    Side sleepers will also find this iGel bed comfy since most prefer soft to medium-firm mattresses.

    Temperature Regulation

    Is this model suitable for hot sleepers? Yes. 

    On hot summer nights, all you need is a cooling mattress that wicks away moisture while still controlling body temperature.

    Perhaps the best asset this mattress has is the iGel Graphene technology which provides seven times faster heat transfer than other mattresses. It’s designed to absorb excess heat when you’re too hot or release stored heat when you’re too cold. iGel works by adapting to the person’s temperature in real-time to ensure an optimal experience. 

    But temperature regulation doesn’t stop with the top layer—the stretchy, breathable cover will also keep your nights dry, giving you the most out of your mattress.

    Motion Transfer

    As confirmed by many Benson for Beds reviews, the iGel Advance 3000 mattress is designed for those who suffer from tossing and turning. Sleepers are able to shift positions with little effort. Additionally, this bed makes minimal noise, so it’s great for couples and light sleepers.

    As with other all-foam models, the iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top Mattress has almost no motion transfer, preventing you and your partner from disturbing one another.

    Edge Support

    The iGel Advance 3000 mattress also performs excellent when it comes to edge support. The AdvantEdge foam offers support around the perimeter and even if you sleep close to the side.

    The person’s weight also plays a significant role in the level of pressure relief they experience on the mattress. With this in mind, it is also worth mentioning that the iGel Advance 3000 mattress can hold heavier individuals.

    Other iGel Mattresses

    iGel Advance 1600 Mattress

    • Mattress height: 26cm
    • 1,600 pocket springs encased in foam to provide comfort and support
    • Firmness level: firm
    • It has a 3cm layer of iGel Advance gel to wick away moisture and control temperature
    • It’s an eco-friendly product made of beaded gels, 100% recycled PET, fillings, and fabrics

    iGel Advance 2000 Mattress

    • Mattress height: 27cm
    • 2,000 pocket springs are encased in foam for maximum support
    • Firmness level: firm
    • It has 5cm of iGel Advance gel for pressure relief, which aids in the relief of aches and pains

    iGel Advance 2500 Plush Top Mattress

    • Mattress height: 31cm
    • 2,500 dual-layer pocket springs for added comfort and support
    • Provides premium edge support
    • Firmness rating: soft, medium, or firm
    • It has 5cm of iGel Advance Graphene technology gel

    iGel Advance 2500 Pillow Top Mattress

    • Mattress height: 31cm
    • 2,500 encased pocket springs across two layers
    • Provides premium edge support
    • Firmness rating: medium or firm
    • It has 5cm of iGel Advance Graphene technology gel

    Durability & Maintenance

    Mattress longevity is essential for customers.

    Not only is it long-lasting, but the iGel mattress cleaning is effortless. This bed doesn’t require flipping, as the layers are arranged in a specific way. 

    Although it’s a non-flip mattress, the company recommends you rotate your iGel bed regularly to avoid the typical dip that can occur from sleeping in the same position. 

    The cover is made of a straight blend of soft fabrics (relatively easy to spot clean) and is machine-washable. The handles on the side help you easily move and maintain the mattress.

    Mattress Accessories

    Bensons for Beds have a wide selection of mattresses, ranging from memory foam to hybrid and even cot beds. In addition to these, you can buy various sleeping accessories like divans, pillows, protectors, beddings.

    iGel Pillow

    Choosing the right pillow could elevate your sleep experience, and the iGel pillow is the most often bought item along with a new mattress. This is a temperature-regulating pillow that responds to your body heat for personalised comfort. 

    This product is available in two models and is super comfy too. You can buy the side sleeper pillow for £69.99 and the front/bash sleeper one for £59.99.

    Mattress Protector

    Another common accessory customers often get with a mattress is an iGel mattress protector. It keeps the bed clean and prolongs its life. The silky soft protector is machine-washable, and it comes with two pillow protectors too. You can get one for £29.99.

    iGel Divan

    The iGel divan bed sets are elegantly made platform bed frames with exceptional support. The company offers a broad selection of models at a variety of price points.

    iGel Warranty & Trial Period

    A quick lie down in a showroom won’t tell us whether a mattress is the right fit for us. The iGel mattress comes with just a 40-night window to test it in your home, which is a smaller trial period than other brands on the market, such as the Tempur mattress (100 nights).

    Bensons and Beds recommends using the product for three-four weeks before deciding if you want to return it. iGel mattress return is free of charge, and you will get a refund in the full amount.

    iGel beds come with a ten-year warranty covering regular use. Within that period, they will replace or repair any part of a bed that is defective due to faulty materials or workmanship free of charge.

    iGel Mattress Delivery

    Bensons for Beds offer free delivery on all orders over £100—calculated after discounts and promotions have been applied. Orders under £100 are charged £4.99.

    The bed usually arrives within three-four weeks of the order, but you can find the estimated delivery time on the official site. Delivery is Monday to Friday, 7am–1pm or 12–7pm, depending on your UK location.

    The delivery team will unpack and fully assemble your new bed for an additional fee of £20.

    Another great side of purchasing a new bed from Bensons for Beds is the British Heart Foundation’s option to remove the old mattress for free, raising funds for the fight against heart disease.

    Sizes & Pricing

    The iGel Advance 3000 Plush is available in five sizes, with a price range of £1,269.99 to £1,999.99. Let’s look at the sizes and current pricing information for this iGel mattress in the table below. 

    Size Dimensions Price
    Single iGel mattress 90cm X 190cm £1,269.99
    Small Double iGel mattress 120cm X 190cm £1,499.99
    iGel Double mattress 135cm X 190cm £1,499.99
    King iGel mattress 160cm X 200cm £1,599.99
    Super King iGel mattress 180cm X 20cm £1,999.99

    *iGel Advance 3000 Plush mattress price and size availability may be subject to change.

    You can often find a Bensons for Beds sale, promotion, or other discounts, so most of the time, you won’t need to pay full price for your mattress. During days such as Boxing Day, Easter, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, you can expect the best voucher and discount codes from Bensons For Beds.

    The company has a transparent pricing structure with a lot of options. Bensons and Beds accept payment from all major credit cards and with Klarna.

    Using Klarna, you can spread the cost of your purchase over three interest-free installments. To check your eligibility, Klarna will perform a search with a credit reference agency, and within a day, you’ll have an answer.

    Customer Reviews

    If you are still not sure if this is the bed for you or not, take a look at how Bensons iGel mattress reviews rate this bed:

    Bensons for Beds: 4.6/5

    Trustpilot: 4.3/5—out of almost 200,000 customers, 77% give the company excellent ratings.

    Most reviews and comments we came across are positive, though there’s a small number of complaints from some customers. These include issues like late delivery and steep pricing.

    Overall, Bensons for Beds scores higher than most rivals, but not as high as some industry leaders like Dormeo (4.6 on Trustpilot).

    Mattress Alternatives

    Let’s see some of iGel Advance 3000’s competitors on the market and compare them to see how they stack up against each other.

    iGel vs Tempur Sensation Elite

    While these are both exceptional mattresses, they differ significantly in construction, maintenance, and price. 

    The main difference between these two is that the Tempur Sensation Elite mattress is made of premium foam layers, while iGel Advance 3000 mattress is composed of iGel graphene technology gel and 3,000 encased pocket springs.

    The iGel has an optimised multi-layer construction, whereas Tempur Sensation Elite has four layers.

    Both mattresses have the added benefits of removable, machine-washable covers and are low maintenance because there’s no need to flip them.

    iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top vs Emma Hybrid

    The Emma Hybrid mattress is made of foam layers and premium pocket springs. If you sleep on your side or your stomach, the Emma Hybrid is the right choice. Since iGel Advance 3000 comes in medium and firm models, it is suitable for all types of sleep positions.

    The Emma Hybrid also has a removable and washable cover. 

    The Emma Hybrid has an optimised four-layer construction and measures 25cm in height. On the other hand, the 35cm iGel mattress is multi-layer.

    The Emma mattresses have a 200-day trial period compared to the 40-day iGel offers.

    Lastly, the iGel mattress scores fewer points in terms of price, as it’s costlier than Emma Hybrid.

    The Bottom Line: Is the iGel Mattress for You?

    If you’re searching for a long-lasting mattress, iGel Advance 3000 may be the right choice. With its supporting and cooling features, this iGel bed is super comfortable and provides fantastic back support.

    That comes at a cost, though—it’s definitely not a budget mattress but is rather premium priced.

    We hope you found our iGel mattress review helpful. If you’re still unsure about getting this mattress, keep in mind that you can always take advantage of the 40-night trial period to see the benefits of this bed for yourself.


    Who makes the iGel mattress?

    Bensons for Beds is the UK’s largest mattress retailer, based in Accrington, Lancashire, although one-third of the range is manufactured in Wellington and Huntingdon. Overall, 97% of iGel mattresses are handmade in the UK.

    What are the benefits of a gel mattress?

    Unlike any standard memory and gel foam mattresses, iGel Advance 3000 effectively removes moisture and disperses perspiration that may build up under the body at night. It reduces waking in the middle of the night due to humidity, making you feel more rested.

    What is an iGel mattress?

    Gel memory foam mattresses are made by either swirling liquid gel into the foam or adding gel beads (gel-filled capsules) to it. Another option is to add gel on top of the comfort layer. Cooling gel helps dissipate heat, allowing you to sleep cool while retaining memory foam’s original body-conforming and pressure-relieving features.

    Does the iGel mattress require turning?

    As we mentioned in our iGel mattress review above, iGel Advance 3000 mattress doesn’t need to be flipped because of its specific design. But to keep your bed in the best condition, rotate it at least once every two months.

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