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Eve Hybrid Mattress Review 2024: Is This the Mattress for You?

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Mattress type: Hybrid
Mattress depth: 28cm
Trial period: 100 nights
Warranty : 10 years
Price: £978–£1,247

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Established company
  • Built-in antibacterial properties
  • Washable top cover
  • Cooling
  • 100-night trial
  • Free delivery and return
  • Cons

  • Not available in all sizes
  • Not enough support for heavier sleepers
  • Pricey
  • The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress delivers the best of both worlds—cushiony comfort and a responsive feel. 

    With a generous 100-night trial, a ten-year warranty, and an outstanding company reputation, this bed might be just what you need for a long, undistributed slumber. 

    But is the Eve Premium Hybrid suitable for hot sleepers? Is it good for couples? Is maintenance a piece of cake?

    Our Eve Hybrid mattress review will answer these questions and more. 

    Let’s dive in!


    Comfort 9/10
    Support 10/10
    Motion Isolation 9/10
    Cooling 10/10
    Edge Support 9/10
    Company Reputation 10/10
    Value for Money 8/10

    Eve Sleep: Brand Snapshot

    Eve Sleep is a UK-based company and a leading brand in the online mattresses market. It was founded in 2014 as a start-up and evolved into a corporation with rapid domestic and international growth, achieving a value of £140 million in just a few years.

    The company manufactures a variety of products, from Eve mattress toppers and pillows to protectors and bedding. 

    In addition, it produces a total of six different mattresses, including its best-selling Eve Original and its luxurious model—the Eve Premium Hybrid.

    Material & Construction

    The Eve Premium Hybrid bed is made up of five layers of foams and over 1,500 springs for a blissful night’s sleep. It measures 28cm, a tad taller than other beds. But don’t worry—you can still combine it with most fitted sheets.

    The layers are as follows:

    • Cover: the mattress features an antibacterial and antimicrobial washable cover. 
    • Top layer: 3cm of floatfoam—one of the company’s latest innovations. This foam adapts to your body, getting your spine into the optimal position.
    • Memory foam layer: 2cm body-hugging memory foam layer infused with graphite. This layer relieves pressures by cushioning the body, while the graphite keeps the sleeper cool.
    • Support foam layer: 3cm of support foam, which is firmer than the two top layers and gives your back the support it needs.
    • Pocket spring layer: 12cm of pocket springs that provide a significant amount of support and bounce. The springs are encased in pockets to increase airflow and enhance the bed’s cooling properties. What’s more, they are encapsulated in foam to ensure the mattress is sturdy and stable. You won’t have the feeling of rolling off the bed with the Eve Premium Hybrid.
    • Base layer: 5cm high resilience foam. This is the foundation of the mattress and provides stability for the other layers.

    This is a similar construction to other hybrid mattresses, such as the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid, although the Eve model has one additional layer.


    Eve created the Premium Hybrid mattress to suit almost all sleepers. This means that it’s a medium-firm bed with around 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 

    Although this makes it suitable for most types of sleepers, it might be too soft for heavier people. The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress may feel firm when you first lay down but has a perfect balance of softness, support, and pressure relief. What’s more, Eve the Hybrid mattress offers ideal thickness for optimal spine support while you sleep.

    Comfort & Support

    From the first night you lay on the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress, it’s clear how wonderfully supportive it is. It’s the closest to feeling weightless, which you don’t often find in beds that contain foam.

    The top layers are comfortable and provide exceptional cushioning. Still, there’s no sinking feeling, and the support foam pushes you to the surface, making every part of your body feel lifted and well supported.

    Side Sleepers

    The top float foam layer in the Eve Premium Hybrid cushions your hips and shoulders, making it comfortable for all types of sleepers. Still, some side sleepers might prefer a memory foam mattress, such as the Dormeo Memory Plus, as those usually offer more pressure relief.

    Back Sleepers

    Spinal alignment is essential if you are a back sleeper. Eve Premium Hybrid’s pocket-spring layer provides it to the areas that need it, making it an ideal choice for back sleepers.

    Stomach Sleepers

    Sleeping on your stomach usually puts pressure on your back. But this medium-firm mattress, with its high level of support, five foam layers, and pocket springs, will take away the pressure and keep the spine aligned. 

    Temperature Regulation

    Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is its temperature regulation properties. 

    The combination of the foam layer infused with graphite and the springs layer enhances active cooling even during hot summer nights. While all-foam mattresses retain heat and can easily lead to a warmer sleeping climate, Eve Premium Hybrid offers natural ventilation.

    Overall, this mattress creates an optimal sleeping temperature for all those struggling with being too hot at night.

    Motion Transfer 

    If you share your mattress with a bedmate, you’ll want to make sure your sleep is undisturbed by their movement in the middle of the night. 

    Due to their springs, hybrid mattresses are usually not great in minimising motion transfer. 

    But the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress has good motion isolation because of its memory foam layer. Low motion transfer means you won’t be bothered by your partner rolling around during the night even if you’re a light sleeper, making the Eve Hybrid perfect for couples.

    Edge Support

    The Eve Premium Hybrid provides excellent edge support. You get the same level of support around the perimeter as you do in the middle of the mattress. Even when you sit on the side of the bed, you feel supported. You can even sleep right up to the sides without that “rolling off” feeling—all of this because of the mattress’s sturdy foam casing layer, which improves edge support.

    There is a downside, though. Eve the Hybrid has a weight limit of 125kg for individuals or 250kg for a couple. So we do not recommend it for heavyweight people.

    Durability & Maintenance 

    As a hybrid mattress, Eve has a lifespan of up to ten years. Still, experts recommend changing your bed every seven to eight years to get well supported sleep. 

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is not designed to be flipped. The quilted antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial cover should always stay on top. It protects the bed from allergens and dust mites, so you won’t have to spend money on a mattress protector. Even better, the cover is removable and machine-washable, so you can keep your bed fresh and clean with minimum effort.

    Eve Sleep’s Hybrid Premium model works on any bed platform, but wooden slats offer the most support.

    Mattress Accessories 

    Eve Sleep offers numerous accessories with its Premium Hybrid mattress:

    • Pillow: The company sells three pillows—the Eve memory foam pillow, the snuggle pillow, and the microfibre one.
    • Eve mattress protector: You can get a protector to keep your mattress free from dust, germs, and accidental spills. 
    • Mattress topper: The Eve brand also offers a mattress topper. It’s made of ultra-breathable foam that’s perfect for all body types and can adapt to any bed. In addition, it’s machine washable and comes with a three-year warranty and a 30-day Eve free trial period. 

    Warranty & Trial Period

    In truth, most people know if a mattress is right for them within the first 30 days. But Eve Sleep gives you a 100-night trial period to decide if its Premium Hybrid is a good choice for you. 

    How does the trial period work?

    The process is straightforward: you buy the Hybrid mattress and then use it for 100 nights, similar to the offers of other brands, like Tempur. If you decide it’s not for you during that period, you can take advantage of the Eve mattress return policy and get a full refund, no questions asked, and no risks involved.

    The warranty for this model lasts ten years. It covers manufacturing flaws, such as spring unit failure, side stitching coming apart, and physical defects in the mattress or the cover’s zipper.

    Mattress Delivery

    Eve Sleep delivers its mattresses for free and often within three days. Its couriers also offer contactless delivery, where no signature is required.

    Like all other products from this company, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is vacuum-packed. It will be delivered in a box that fits through all passageways and staircases.

    Once you unpack it, the mattress will slowly inflate to its original size. However, you might notice a strange smell—this is called off-gassing and is caused by the foam. That’s the downside of receiving a mattress in a box, but not to worry—the smell will disappear in a few days provided you air out the room.

    The company also offers to collect your old mattress for an added fee. To get this service, simply select the ‘Deliver, Remove, and Recycle’ button at checkout.

    Sizes & Pricing

    All in all, hybrid mattresses are the priciest beds in a box on the market. Still, this mattress is not as expensive as other models, especially considering all the excellent features it offers. Furthermore, Eve Sleep offers multiple sales throughout the year and the popular Eve mattress discount code, which can further sweeten the deal.

    Let’s take a closer look at the price of this Eve mattress for each size:

    Size Dimensions Price
    Eve Double mattress 135cm X 190cm £978
    King size Eve mattress 150cm X 200cm £1,128
    Eve Super King mattress 180cm X 200cm £249.99

    This price range is lower than that of comparable models, such as the Nectar mattress, which is a bit more costly.

    Sadly, this model is not available in all sizes—there’s no Eve Single mattress for the Premium Hybrid.

    Eve offers the following payment options: credit or debit card, PayPal, and PayPal e-cheque. There’s also an option to apply for interest-free credit with DIVIDO, and people working in emergency services get a 20% discount.

    Customer Reviews

    What do customers think of the Eve Premium Hybrid?

    On Trustpilot, Eve Sleep has a 4.5/5 rating out of close to 9,000 reviews. 84% of reviewers rated the brand as Excellent, while 6% gave it a bad score. That’s a better rating than most other brands, including top performers like the Nectar (4.5).

    The typical comments say that the Eve Premium Hybrid is relatively firm but comfortable. Some are pleased with its temperature control, and a few customers say they noticed an improvement in their back pain. 

    On the other hand, there are few complaints related to the smell after opening the box. Some customers even returned the mattress after one night because of it.

    Eve is no longer on Amazon, but its old reviews give it a 3.1/5 rating out of 81 users. 39% rate it as excellent, while 38% of the customers give Eve mattress bad reviews. The typical 5-star comment is that it’s the best mattress ever. And once again, the unfavourable reviews are often related to the strong smell after opening the box.

    On Slumber Search, Eve mattresses have an excellent score—9.3/10. According to the reviews, Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is perfect for most back and side sleepers. Customers who suffer from back pain also give positive reviews. 

    Awards & Certifications

    The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress was highly commended in the 2020 T3 Awards, and it has won a ton of other awards and recognitions, like the Which? Best Buy for 2019. 

    When it comes to health and safety, all Eve products comply with British and EU standards of General Product Safety. In addition, the Eve Hybrid mattress uses foams that are CertiPUR® certified.

    To ensure the high quality of the products, Eve Sleep buys materials from National Bed Federation members, and all the foam used in its mattresses is CFC and PBDE-free. Finally, Eve Sleep complies with the ISO 9001 standard—the highest in terms of quality and professionalism.

    Mattress Alternatives

    Trying to decide between hybrid mattresses? Here is how Eve Premium Hybrid compares to other models:

    Eve Premium Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid Pro

    Both beds are 28cm tall and made of seven layers. They are also very supportive and comfortable, but Eve’s Premium Hybrid is firmer and might be better for back and front sleepers. 

    As for pricing, Eve is slightly cheaper but has a shorter trial period.

    Ultimately, the choice depends on your needs and requirements as both are excellent options, so you won’t make a mistake whichever one you choose.

    Eve Premium Hybrid vs Emma Hybrid

    The Emma Hybrid mattress has an optimised four-layer construction that’s 25cm tall, while the Eve Premium Hybrid has seven layers and is 28cm tall.

    Other differences include the trial period—Eve’s trial is 100 nights while Emma’s is 200 nights, and the price—Emma is considerably cheaper. But probably the most crucial distinction is in firmness. The Eve Hybrid Premium is firmer and preferred by back and stomach sleepers, unlike the Emma Hybrid, which is lower on the firmness scale and better for side sleepers. 

    Bottom Line: Is The Hybrid Mattress Worth It? 

    The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress might have an expensive price tag but lives up to the expectations and delivers on all fronts with high quality, superior comfort, and optimal support.

    It’s designed to adapt to every sleep position, although back and front sleepers would enjoy it the most, as will hot sleepers who will appreciate the bed’s cooling properties.

    All in all, you won’t regret buying this bed. And if you still have doubts, you can take advantage of the 100-night trial and see for yourself. 


    Is Eve Premium Hybrid mattress suitable for people with allergies?

    Eve doesn’t boast any specific anti-allergy properties for this model. Still, it’s worth noting that the Premium Hybrid is antibacterial and antimicrobial.

    Are hybrid mattresses good for side sleepers?

    Hybrid mattresses are generally suitable for all types of sleepers. But some side sleepers might find them a bit uncomfortable because of their firmness. Those who sleep on their side usually prefer a memory foam mattress, like the Emma Original or the Eve Original.

    Can the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress help with back pain?

    Some customers with back problems who use the Premium Hybrid claim to have improved after sleeping on this mattress. The seven contour zones of the bed offer support for the shoulders and hips while at the same time relieving pressure in those areas.

    What are the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress?


    • Durability
    • Breathability
    • Reduces sinking and sleeping hot
    • Excellent support
    • Variety of firmness options


    • Poor motion isolation
    • Heavy and difficult to move
    • Expensive

    Which is better, the Eve Premium Hybrid or the Eve Premium?

    It depends on your needs. Both mattresses are 28cm thick and have seven-zoned support technology to relieve pressure from your shoulders and hips. 

    The Premium Hybrid is more suitable for hot sleepers and those that are heavier. The Premium is better for light sleepers and those that prefer a softer feel. Check out our Eve Hybrid mattress review above for more details on this model.

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