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Emma Hybrid Mattress Review – One Of The Highest-rated Beds In The UK In 2024.

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Mattress type: Hybrid
Mattress depth: 25 cm
Trial period: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price: £569.00–£979.00

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Contains the Airgocell trademark foam
  • Dynamic pressure relief
  • Machine washable cover
  • Free delivery
  • 10-year warranty
  • 200-night risk-free trial
  • Cons

  • Edge support could be better
  • Not a great option for plus-sized sleepers
  • Not the best for sprung slatted bases
  • A combination of UK craftsmanship and German know-how, the Emma Hybrid mattress is one of the highest-rated beds in the UK right now. 

    What makes this mattress one of British customers’ top picks? 

    Read through our Emma Hybrid mattress review to find out. Here we will take a closer look at the most important features of this product, as well as all the benefits and downsides to help you decide if this is the right buy for you. 


    Comfort  10/10
    Support  9.5/10
    Motion Isolation 10/10
    Cooling  9.5/10
    Edge Support 9/10
    Company Reputation 10/10
    Value for Money 10/10

    Emma: Brand Snapshot

    The Emma mattress company was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, where they still have their headquarters. In the five years the company’s been active in the mattress market, Emma has managed to expand its business to 20 countries on four continents. 

    In June 2020, the company celebrated selling its one-millionth mattress, and it seems like they are not planning on slowing down any time soon.

    In addition to the Emma Hybrid mattress, the company also manufactures the popular Emma Original bed as well as the newest release on the market—the Emma Original Hybrid. It further sells a wide range of sleep accessories, including a super comfy duvet and pillows. 

    All Emma mattresses in the UK are made in the country and go through strict tests to guarantee they meet the highest quality standards.

    Emma Hybrid Material & Construction 

    The Emma Hybrid mattress is a four-layered bed that combines an innerspring system with three types of foam: Airgocell, visco-elastic memory, and cold foam. This way, you will experience both the sturdy feel of a traditional spring mattress and the pressure relief of multiple foam layers. 

    Measured at 25 cm, the Emma Hybrid is made up of the following layers:

    • The top cover is designed with a complex UltraDry technology that regulates humidity to ensure the perfect sleeping climate. Another bonus is that the breathable cover is removable and machine washable, so it’s easy to keep the mattress clean and fresh
    • The first layer is constructed with Airgocell foam. This is Emma’s own trademark product, and it is made of an open-pore polyurethane foam that ensures increased airflow, keeping sleepers cool even on the warmest nights. 
    • Next is a layer of cone-shaped pocket springs, which takes up 2 cm of the mattress. This section consists of 2,000 individually-wrapped springs optimised to stabilise pressure disparities. The springs also prolong the lifespan and durability of the Emma Hybrid mattress.
    • The next section contains high-quality visco-elastic foam that provides ideal pressure relief and adjusts to the sleeper’s unique body shape.
    • Finally, there is a layer of high-density, cold foam that acts as a base layer. This section takes up 16 cm of the mattress, giving it extra sturdiness, shape and support. 

    Emma Mattress Firmness: How firm is the Emma Hybrid? 

    The company categorises the Emma Hybrid as the Emma Original, i.e. a mattress with medium firmness, and most Emma mattress reviews in the UK by customers and experts agree. In fact, we rate this bed 6.5 on the firmness scale, in line with the industry standard. 

    This ideal level of firmness is achieved thanks to the soft sinking feeling of the foam layers and the added touch of bounce from the pocketed springs. 

    Keep in mind that firmness depends on many things, such as weight, build and sleeping style. With that in mind, Emma offers a free memory foam layer that you insert into the bed and make it softer or firmer, depending on your needs. 

    Emma Hybrid: Comfort & Support

    How does it feel to sleep on the Emma Hybrid mattress?

    Side Sleepers

    Since this mattress falls right in the middle on the firmness scale, we found it to be the most suitable for people who sleep on the side. The Emma Hybrid cushions and supports the body while alleviating the key pressure areas for side sleepers, such as the hips, knees, and shoulders. 

    Back Sleepers

    Back sleepers would also benefit significantly from this bed. The combination of foam and springs provide ample support in the lumbar area, while the top layers give a comfy feeling without allowing the sleeper to sink in too much. What’s more, the mattress distributes weight equally and encourages proper spinal alignment. 

    Front and Heavy Sleepers 

    However, the Emma Hybrid might be too soft for heavier people who will need more firmness and support from their bed.  The same is true for front sleepers, who could find the Hybrid a bit unsupportive under the back and hips, especially if the mattress is placed on sprung slats.

    Emma Hybrid: Temperature Regulation

    Whether you are a hot sleeper or not, you still need a mattress that will create the optimal sleep climate and help you stay cool and dry all night. 

    Fortunately, the Emma Hybrid mattress is composed of breathable and air-circulating materials that will do just that. 

    The first layer of the mattress is the open-pored Airgocell foam that provides the ideal level of air circulation. In addition, the soft top cover of this model has a special fibre structure, which easily regulates humidity and quickly wicks away moisture. Finally, the pocket springs are here to promote airflow and ensure you don’t feel sweaty or clammy during the night. 

    Emma Hybrid: Motion Transfer 

    This Emma model is the best hybrid mattress for couples, especially the Hybrid Emma mattress in king size as it provides enough room for two people to spread out comfortably. 

    This bed has exceptional movement isolation properties and doesn’t dip or contour as you move. It’s also quiet, thus ensuring a sound sleep even if your partner is restless.

    Emma Hybrid: Edge Support

    The Emma Hybrid offers better edge support than the Emma Original due to the innerspring system. Sleeping near the perimeter of the bed is incredibly comfortable, and you can spread out on the entire surface, no matter if you have a king or an Emma single mattress. 

    That said, the bed might still collapse a little when you sit near the edges, especially if you are a heavier individual. For those reasons, the Emma Hybrid might not be the best mattress for an overweight couple in the UK.

    Emma Hybrid Mattress: Durability & Maintenance

    A hybrid mattress typically lasts five to seven years before it shows signs of sagging. The Emma mattress, however, has a warranty of ten years so it has a longer lifespan than the typical hybrid. Great news for anyone looking for a long-term investment in quality Zzzs.

    Do I need to flip my Emma Hybrid mattress? The answer is no. Flipping your mattress is not only unnecessary but not recommended either. The top cover and the Airgocell layer ought to always stay on top.

    This mattress is really easy to care for as it doesn’t require any special bed frame or bed base. It does not matter if it lays on the ground, in a box spring or a slat frame. You can lay it literally on any surface, as long as it is clean and dry. 

    What’s more, the top cover of the Emma Hybrid mattress is removable and can be washed at 60°C in any standard washing machine. 

    Emma Mattress UK Accessories 

    The Emma mattress company offers different accessories for their customers, including:

    The Emma Pillow

    This pillow comes in a universal size, 40×70 cm, and is a good fit for side, back and tummy sleepers. It consists of three layers of premium foam, which you can easily remove to adjust the height and firmness. This pillow is airy, durable and provides the perfect support for your head and neck.

    If you want a softer, cuddlier option, give the Emma Cloud Pillow a try. You will find that it certainly lives up to its name. 

    The Emma Mattress Protector

    Emma reviews speak highly of this item. Offering maximum protection for any Emma mattress, this item is 100% waterproof and breathable at the same time. It also protects against dust mites, mould and bacteria, and is completely crinkle-free and machine-washable.

    The Emma Mattress Cover

    If you somehow damage your Emma mattress cover, don’t worry— the company has your back. They offer a replacement cover, which like the mattress protector, is waterproof, dust mite and allergen resistant, as well as super comfy and light. 

    The Emma Cloud Duvet

    Light and breathable, this duvet cover is the perfect addition to Emma mattresses, ensuring comfort and protection throughout any season.  

    The Emma Bed

    Sadly there isn’t a wide selection of Emma beds, but the one available is undoubtedly worth it. Made of sturdy, high-quality materials, the Emma bed is the perfect partner for any mattress.

    Emma Warranty & Trial Period

    The Emma Hybrid isn’t just a great bed; it also comes with a ton of buying perks.

    The company gives a 10-year warranty that is valid from the date the Emma mattress arrives at your home. With it, Emma guarantees the dimensional stability and the longevity of the mattress interior.

    If you decide to purchase the Emma Hybrid mattress, you will also get a 200-night trial period, which is more than enough to see if this mattress is the right fit for you. 

    If it is not, you can easily return it and ask for a full refund. The return of the mattress is free— all it takes is visiting the handy returns portal, and the company will take care of the rest.

    Emma Mattress UK Delivery

    The hybrid model comes in a box measuring 45x45x110cm in which it can stay for a maximum of 4 weeks. The delivery, like with all Emma mattresses, is 100% free of charge. There is also an option of no-contact shipping so that everyone can stay safe in these dangerous times. 

    Does the Emma company set the mattress? 

    No, and there is no need. All you have to do is follow the Emma mattress instructions, available on their official website. It is quite straightforward actually; just remove the mattress from the box, unroll it on a flat surface and carefully cut and remove the plastic. The next step is to wait as the mattress needs 2 to 6 hours to expand to its full size.

    Don’t be alarmed if you sense a new smell coming from the bed when you first unpack it. This is normal, and the odour should fade away in a few hours as long as you air out the mattress in a well-ventilated room.

    It usually takes 10 to 15 working days to get the Emma Hybrid to your home, but since the company ships the products with UPS, it might sometimes take longer. 

    The company also offers an old mattress removal service which costs an additional £39. This action, though, cannot be carried out retrospectively, so make sure you add the service to your cart when purchasing the bed. 

    Emma Hybrid Mattress Sizes & Pricing

    The Emma Hybrid is quite reasonably priced. 

    Take a look at the different sizes and prices, discounts excluded:

    Size Dimensions Price

    Emma Single Mattress

    90x190x25 cm £569.00

    Emma Small Double Mattress

    120x190x25 cm £749.00

    Emma Double Mattress

    135x190x25 cm £769.00

    Emma King Mattress

    150x200x25 cm £879.00

    Emma Super King Mattress

    180x200x25 cm £979.00

    When purchasing the mattress, be sure to check for the Emma mattress discount code on their site or maybe wait for the Emma mattress sale, during which you can save a pretty penny on the price. 

    As for payment methods, you can pay with your MasterCard, Visa or via PayPal.

    Additionally, the company offers 0% finance through DivideBuy and Klarna. In order to qualify for Klarna, though, the minimum value of your order must be £279.00, whereas £50.00 is the minimum value for using DivideBuy.

    Emma Hybrid Customer Reviews

    Reading up on other Emma mattress reviews is always helpful when deciding whether to make a purchase or not. 

    So you won’t have to browse through different sites, here’s a quick summary of what users have said of the mattress and the company: 

    • On Trustpilot, Emma has 77% 5-star reviews and only 7% negative ones, most of which refer to the delivery method. The overall star rating for the Emma Hybrid is 4.6 out of 18,622 reviews.
    • On Amazon UK, customers describe the bed as comfortable and great for back pain, with 45 positive reviews out of 70 total. 

    Emma Awards & Certifications

    Different associations have given Emma the highest rating for the quality of their mattresses. Some of the different awards the company has collected include:

    • Best Buy for a mattress on Which? for 2020
    • Ideal Home Best Buy for a mattress in 2020
    • T3 Platinum Award in 2020
    • TMG Awards winner in 2020

    Emma is completely dedicated to quality and safety. Thus, all of their mattresses comply with the BS 7177 regulation, i.e. they are fire retardant. On top of that, they are 100% vegan and free of any harmful materials and substances. 

    Emma Hybrid Mattress Alternatives 

    Emma vs Simba

    These two companies offer a pretty similar product with an almost equal price. The Emma Hybrid mattress contains its trademark Airgocell foam, memory foam and 2000 pocket springs, while Simba is constructed of 2500 micro pocket springs, foam and wool

    Both of the mattresses are made in the UK and have a 10-year guarantee and 200-night trial period. In short, both are great options, and anyone would be hard pressed to choose the superior one. 

    Emma Vs Eve Mattress

    Another great hybrid mattress, the Eve is an excellent choice for back and oversized sleepers. Both beds come with a 10-year warranty, free delivery and generous warranty. While the Eve Hybrid has more than 800 pocket springs and a 100-night trial period, the Emma Hybrid is equipped with 2000 springs and a 200-night trial. However, the Eve is cheaper than the Emma, so it might be a better option for budget-conscious shoppers. 

    The Final Word on the Emma Hybrid Mattress 

    The Emma Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress that offers dynamic pressure support for all users, especially side sleepers. This bed also comes with a more than generous 10-year warranty and a 200-nights trial period. And if the mattress doesn’t fulfil your expectations, you can easily return it during the trial period, at no additional cost. 

    This Emma Hybrid review wouldn’t recommend this mattress for plus size sleepers because it lacks solid edge support, and the upper layers might be just a bit too soft. 

    Other than that, the Hybrid by Emma is an excellent choice for users looking for comfort, spinal support, and quality slumber. 


    How firm is the Emma Hybrid mattress?

    The Emma Hybrid mattress is categorised as a medium-firm mattress. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest, this mattress is rated as a 6.5.

    Are Emma mattresses worth it?

    Emma beds are definitely worth the money. After using it for one year, Emma Hybrid still provides the comfort and support you need in any sleeping position. Plus, they are made with top-notch materials, guaranteed not to get damaged over time.

    Which is better: Emma Original or Hybrid?

    The Emma Original mattress will give you more support under your back, but if you are a side sleeper or you want a softer mattress, we definitely recommend the Emma Hybrid.

    How long does an Emma Hybrid mattress take to inflate?

    The mattress needs 2 to 6 hours to expand, although it might take longer. More specifically, it should reach 90% of the desired depth within the first 48 hours, but sometimes getting to the optimal height may take a couple of days.

    Is the Emma mattress hot to sleep on?

    The Emma Hybrid is made of breathable materials that won’t make you sweat. The layer of cone-shaped pocket springs allows more natural airflow through the mattress, plus the open-pored Airgocell foam provides the ideal air circulation. Besides, the cover of the bed has a special design that regulates temperature and releases moisture. 

    Does Emma take away your old mattress?

    Yes. As mentioned above in our Emma Hybrid mattress review, the company will take your old mattress directly from your home for an additional fee of just £39. 

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