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Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid Mattress Review 2024 – Affordable And Reliable

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Mattress Type: Hybrid
Mattress depth: 23cm
Trial period: 60 days
Warranty: One year
Price: £449.99–£899.99

Price: £449.99

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Plenty of bounce
  • Good for back pain
  • Solid cooling features
  • Manufactured by a reliable company
  • Free delivery
  • Affordable
  • Cons

  • Only one-year warranty
  • Some users report poor durability
  • May be too firm for some
  • Are you looking for a bed you can sink into but won’t hurt your back?

    With the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid, you get the comfort of memory foam and the responsiveness of pocket springs in one affordable package. 

    But is it all good news? What do Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress reviews by customers say? Does it really give you the best possible sleeping experience, or should you shop elsewhere?

    Keep reading to find out what the mattress experts at Don’t Disappoint Me have to say about this mattress!


    Comfort 9/10
    Support 9.5/10
    Motion Isolation 9/10
    Cooling 10/10
    Edge Support 9/10
    Company Reputation 10/10
    Value for Money 9.5/10

    Dormeo: Brand Snapshot

    Dormeo is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to sound slumber and quality mattresses. Founded in 2010, the brand combines Italian design with innovative body-adapting memory foam to manufacture some of the most comfortable beds on the market. Not only are their mattresses super comfy, but they come in a variety of models to suit everyone’s sleeping style, preferences, and budget. 

    In addition to the widely popular Dormeo mattresses, the company also sells a plethora of mattress toppers, bed foundations, beddings, and accessories—in short, everything you need for a good night’s sleep. No wonder it’s considered one of the best and most trusted European brands. 

    Material & Construction

    The Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid is made from a mix of pocket springs and memory foam, with Dormeo’s own Ecocell core. 

    It is 23cm tall, which is a little thinner than the industry standard of 25cm, but still deep enough to provide superior comfort. 

    Let’s take a look at the construction of the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid

    • On the top, it features a 2.5cm deep memory foam layer that conforms nicely to the body, providing a soft surface while relieving pressure.
    • Under the memory foam are up to 728 individually wrapped pocket springs, each 8cm tall. They give the mattress its firmness and bounce. Since the springs are placed separately, they provide the mattress with excellent motion isolation.
    • The foundational support layer is made of a 3cm thick Ecocell foam core—a firm foam that ensures sleepers get stable comfort.
    • The sides of the Dormeo Hybrid mattress cover are made with breathable air mesh, which promotes airflow and improves cooling.
    • The bottom of the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid is covered with a special non-slip base material, which secures the mattress on the bed while preventing the sheets from displacement.


    The combination of pocket springs and memory foam place the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress in the medium-firm category of beds, i.e., suited to most sleepers. In fact, on the mattress firmness scale ranging from 1 to 10, where 1 is sleeping on a cloud, and 10 is a concrete floor, the Dormeo Hybrid mattress has a rating of 6.5. 

    The memory foam layer does cause some sinkage, but the pocket springs deliver a decent bounce, so you don’t have that “stuck-in-the-mud” feeling with the Dormeo Wellsleep mattress.

    Comfort & Support

    The Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress is superb for people who need extra support from their beds. The combo of pocket springs and Ecocell foam enables proper spinal support while ensuring the hips and shoulders stay level. 

    Back Sleepers

    Back sleepers need good spinal support, and this is why they should opt for a firmer mattress. The Dormeo Wellsleep easily fulfills the need to keep the body properly aligned, making it an excellent choice for back sleepers.

    Side Sleepers

    As a general rule, people who sleep on the side need softer mattresses that offer superior pressure relief and prevent the hips and shoulders from digging into the surface. The Dormeo Hybrid has a bit of sinkage, thanks to the body-hugging memory foam in the top layers, but side sleepers may be better off going for a softer mattress.

    Front Sleepers

    Front sleepers require a firmer mattress to stop their belly from sagging into the bed, thus putting the hips and shoulders into misalignment. The Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid does a great job at keeping the body fully balanced, so we recommend it to people who sleep on their stomachs.

    Heavier Sleepers

    The balance of firmness and comfort makes the Dormeo Hybrid mattress a perfect solution for sleepers with back and neck pain, as well as heavier sleepers. On the other hand, Lighter sleepers do not exert a lot of pressure on the mattress, which is why this bed might be too firm for them.

    Temperature Regulation

    The Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress is one of the best picks for hot sleepers. It doesn’t retain heat and keeps an optimal sleeping temperature, thus allowing sleepers to wake up dry and refreshed.  

    Several factors contribute to this model’s cooling properties:

    • The pocket springs are individually wrapped, allowing air to flow through them freely and boosting circulation.
    • The layer of open-cell Ecocell foam under the springs further promotes airflow.
    • The breathable air mesh on the sides enhances the cooling properties by letting the accumulated humid air out and bringing fresh air in.

    Motion Transfer

    Hybrids are not usually known for their motion isolating properties, but this bed is an exception. 

    The pocket springs used in the Dormeo Wellsleep are individually packed and cushioned by two layers of foam, thus allowing them to move independently. This reduces motion transfer and increases stability, two features that make a mattress great for couples and light sleepers. 

    Edge Support

    Pocket spring mattresses generally have better edge support than foam models. As such, the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress delivers exceptional support around the perimeter of the bed, so you won’t feel like falling off the mattress even if you are sleeping close to the edge. 

    This means the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid is suitable for heavier people and couples who can spread across the entire surface of the bed without getting that “rolling-off” feeling. 

    Durability & Maintenance

    Hybrid beds have a relatively short lifespan of about five to seven years as the springs in the construction are more prone to wear and tear than all-foam mattresses. The pocket springs in the Dormeo Wellsleep are made of high-quality material, so they should last for at least five or six years.  

    There are things you can do to prolong the lifespan of the mattress. Cleaning it regularly and is one, while rotating it every once in a while (if the model allows it) so that it retains its shape is another good practice.

    Flipping this Dormeo mattress is not required or recommended due to the specific construction and arrangement of layers.

    Mattress Accessories

    The Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress does not come with any accessories included, but you can choose from a wide range of additional products on the website. 

    You can buy anything from whole beds to different bedding accessories, including mattress toppers and the popular Dormeo pillow.

    Warranty & Trial Period

    With only 60 nights to test out its beds, Dormeo gives one of the shortest trial periods in the industry. If users decide to return the mattress before the trial period expires, they should contact Dormeo customer representatives. Returning the mattress will get you a full refund, but additional fees may apply since the return shipping isn’t free.

    Another downside is the short warranty period of only one year, while the industry average ranges between 10 and 20 years.

    The short trial period and warranty don’t inspire much confidence in the company’s product and we feel there’s room for improvement in this area.

    Mattress Delivery

    Like all Dormeo mattresses, the Wellsleep Hybrid arrives at your front door packed in a box. The delivery is free and it usually takes up to 14 days. 

    After unpacking, the mattress will expand to its standard shape in about 15 minutes, and after 8 hours, it’s ready to use.

    Off-gassing commonly accompanies memory foam mattresses, but with the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress it’s rare and almost imperceptible.

    Unfortunately, White Glove Delivery, i.e., collection of your old mattress is only available if you purchase a mattress from the Dormeo Octaspring line of mattresses. In the case of the Dormeo Wellsleep, customers are responsible for the removal of their old bed. 

    Pricing & Sizes

    The Dormeo Hybrid mattress comes in standard UK sizes:

    Size Dimensions Price
    Dormeo Single mattress 90cm X 190cm X 23cm £449.99
    Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid Double mattress 135cm X 190cm X 23cm £599.99
    Dormeo King size mattress 150cm X 200cm X 23cm £749.99
    Dormeo Super King mattress 180cm X 200cm X 23cm £899.99

    Starting from £449.99 for a single bed, Dormeo mattress prices fall into the affordable range of hybrid beds. Just for comparison, the Simba Hybrid is £589, while the Eve Hybrid costs £519.

    Even more good news on the price front: at check-out, you can enter a Dormeo discount code to get an even lower price. Plus, you can find a Dormeo mattress sale almost any time of the year, so make sure to always check the company’s website for updated information.

    As for payment options, Dormeo accepts most standard credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal. They also offer 0% financing with Klarna for more purchasing benefits.

    Customer Reviews

    User opinions matter and every company looking to gain and retain the consumers’ trust should be transparent about them.

    On the Dormeo website, the Wellsleep Hybrid mattress scores a user rating of 3/5. But this should be taken with a pinch of salt since there are only nine Dormeo reviews for this model in total.

    According to the Trustpilot Dormeo mattress review, UK users give it an excellent rating, although there are some Dormeo Hybrid reviews from customers who were not satisfied with the product. Most of these refer to late delivery times and poor communication with the company.

    The Dormeo mattresses are FIRA Safety Certified meaning they have been tested for safety, flammability, stability and durability. They have also won numerous recognitions from the Good Housekeeping Institute, Which?, as well as various design awards.

    Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid Mattress Alternatives

    Let’s see how the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress compares to a couple of similar products.

    Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid Mattress vs Emma Hybrid Mattress

    Putting the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid and the Emma Hybrid mattress side by side, the first noticeable difference is in the depth. The Dormeo Hybrid mattress is 2cm shorter but it also has a lower price tag.

    On the other hand, Emma has a longer warranty period—ten years as opposed to Dormeo’s one year. On the flip side, Wellsleep has a higher firmness rating, making it the better choice for heavier sleepers.

    Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid Mattress vs Dormeo Wellsleep Memory Foam Mattress

    These are essentially two variants of the same mattress. Both have the same non-slip base, cooling air mesh sides, and soft memory foam layer in the top. 

    The difference is in the core. Whereas the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid has pocket springs, the memory foam version has the innovative Ecocell foam core. This makes the memory foam Dormeo Wellsleep mattress softer than the Hybrid. 

    Bottom Line: Is This the Mattress for You?

    As one of the more affordable hybrid mattresses, the Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid is a reliable choice for any kind of sleeper. 

    Because of its firmness, lightweight side sleepers might find it a bit hard, while heavier users, back and front sleepers will get the support they need. It’s an excellent choice for couples as well as hot sleepers who will be more than satisfied with the motion isolating and cooling properties of this mattress.

    Although the trial period and the length of the warranty could use some improvement, this bed still offers excellent value and is definitely worth considering, especially if you are working with a tight budget.


    What is a hybrid mattress?

    A hybrid mattress is a bed that combines layers of foam with springs, giving users a mixture of the adaptive foam comfort and the responsiveness of an innerspring bed. Unlike all-foam beds, hybrids tend to offer cooler sleep and be more suited to heavier sleepers.

    What's better, memory foam or hybrid mattress?

    Both mattress types have their advantages and disadvantages. Hybrid mattresses, in general, have better versatility and provide more benefits, but are also more expensive.

    Are hybrid mattresses worth the money?

    When it comes to mattress materials and properties, hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds and are a universal sleeping solution fit for every sleeper type. But they also come with a higher price tag. The good news is that buying a hybrid mattress doesn’t have to break the bank—the Dormeo Wellsleep is one affordable option to consider.

    Where can you buy a Dormeo mattress?

    You can purchase a Dormeo mattress from the company’s website, but you can also visit the Dormeo Mattress Amazon web store or find a stockist near you. Dormeo beds are very popular and sold by almost all major retailers, so you can easily find the model you’re looking for.

    Are Dormeo mattresses worth it?

    Dormeo mattresses have solid performance, are made from high-quality materials, and come at affordable prices. So, all in all, they are definitely worth it.

    Which Dormeo mattress is the best?

    This is a difficult question as every sleeper has different preferences. That said, those looking for the cloud-like sleeping experience should try the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress, while sleepers on the hunt for firmness will find much to like in the Octasmart Plus bed. 

    But as many Dormeo Wellsleep Hybrid mattress reviews confirm, this bed is the ultimate choice for sleepers who want a balanced feel.

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