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Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Review 2024: Are the Positive Reviews Justified?

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Mattress type: Memory foam
Mattress depth: 17cm
Trial period: 60 nights
Warranty: 18 years
Price: £599.99-£1,199.99

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Excellent support and pressure relief
  • Retains very little heat
  • Removable smart cover
  • Smart zoning
  • Long warranty
  • Cons

  • Durable
  • Relatively thin
  • Pricey
  • Are you struggling to find the perfect mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep? Well, we’re here to help!

    The Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress offers comfort, support, and temperature regulation.

    To find out everything you need to know about this model, here at Don’t Disappoint Me we have included all the features, properties, pros and cons, and everything else you might miss in other Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress reviews.

    Let’s dive in!


    Comfort 9.5/10
    Support 9.5/10
    Motion Isolation 10/10
    Cooling 10/10
    Edge Support 8/10
    Company Reputation 9.5/10
    Value for Money 9.5/10

    Dormeo: Brand Snapshot

    Dormeo mattresses are produced in Italy. The Studio Moderna company launched the brand back in 2002—almost 20 years ago. It first opened a shop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2004/2005. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the company opened its first showroom in the UK, operated by Dormeo UK Limited.

    The brand has had over 10 million satisfied customers in European countries and 40 other markets worldwide.

    Dormeo also sells other sleeping accessories. It offers seven types of mattresses: memory foam, pocket spring, Octaspring, latex, hybrid, rolled, and dual-core. These usually come in six sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, European King, Super King.

    Material & Construction

    The Dormeo Octasmart Plus is made of memory foam. But it’s not as simple as that. This three-layered mattress includes advanced sleep technology that makes it exceptional. Let’s check it out:

    • Layer 1: The top—a 2cm comfort layer, is made from open-cell memory foam. It consists of hundreds of comfort pockets that adapt the shape of the sleeper’s body.
    • Layer 2: The second layer is 9cm thick and is made from hundreds of Octasprings. This technology comprises the middle part and is designed to support your body and relieve pressure.
    • Layer 3: The third, bottom-most layer is 6cm thick and is the firmest of the three. It’s made from Ecocell foam that serves as a supportive base.

    To allow air circulation, this mattress has an Octavent Air system, which makes it more breathable than typical foam models, such as the Nectar mattress.


    The Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress is medium-firm but more on the firm side than the soft—it ranks as 6.5/10 on the firmness scale.

    As with any other foam mattress, there is some sinkage, especially on the higher points of your body, but that’s mostly because of the comfort pockets specifically designed to take the sleeper’s shape.

    This mattress lacks bounciness because it’s made of memory foam. If you like a bit of a bounce to your bed, we recommend going for a hybrid model, such as the Tempur Hybrid.

    Comfort & Support

    The Dormeo Octasmart is very comfortable to sleep on. This is mainly due to the hundreds of Octasprings throughout the middle layer of the bed, which allow airflow and offer support for your body.

    This mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud because of the comfort pockets in the top layer.

    The smart zoning in this model gives an extra touch of comfort and pressure relief. There are three horizontal layers designed to support your back, shoulders, and hips while sleeping.

    Now, let’s see who would most enjoy the Dormeo Octasmart mattress:

    Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers would enjoy this mattress a lot because it’s not too firm, but mostly because of the smart zoning feature, which allows exceptional support for the highest points of the body (hips and shoulders), so you won’t feel like you’re drowning in the mattress. 

    Still, side sleepers usually prefer softer models, so the Simba Hybrid Pro may be a better option if you tend to sleep on one side.

    Back Sleepers

    As we mentioned earlier, this mattress is more on the firm side, although it still falls in the medium-firm category, so it would be great for back sleepers. Plus, the foam springs throughout the mattress allow air circulation, which keeps sleepers cool.

    Stomach Sleepers

    As is true for back sleepers, stomach sleepers enjoy firmer mattresses, making this model a great choice. Stomach sleepers won’t feel like they’re sinking in the bed, although this also depends on weight. This model is more compatible with lighter rather than heavier sleepers.

    Another great characteristic of this mattress is that it doesn’t produce any noise because of the materials it’s made of.

    Temperature Regulation

    Thanks to the Octavent Air System this mattress has, it’s eight times cooler and more breathable than other foam beds. The foam springs allow airflow and make it the perfect choice for hot sleepers.

    Motion Transfer

    This mattress doesn’t transfer motion, thanks to the movement-absorbing memory foam. Of course, you might be able to tell if someone’s getting out of bed, but your sleep won’t be disturbed by the tossing and turning of your partner.

    Edge Support

    The Octasmart Plus mattress doesn’t have any special features for edge support. It provides equal support throughout its whole surface but not anything extra around the perimeter. That’s why it would be more compatible for lighter sleepers rather than heavier ones.

    Durability & Maintenance

    The Octasmart Plus mattress is very durable, thus the 18-year warranty

    Still, some people have complained about its durability, reporting that it became saggy after a couple of years and that it aggravated back problems rather than solved them. Still, we have to take into account that maintenance is crucial for its longevity.

    To maintain your Dormeo mattress, you have to rotate (not flip) it once a week during the first month and then once every month afterward.

    Regarding hygiene, you can remove the smart performance cover and dry clean it. You shouldn’t wash your mattress, but if you need to clean it, you can use a damp cloth and light detergents.

    Additionally, you have to vacuum your mattress regularly and use a mattress protector, which will help it stay clean.

    In the morning, you can take off your bed covers to let the mattress “breathe” for about 20 minutes, so the body moisture evaporates. This will help keep your mattress dry.

    Mattress Accessories

    Along with your Dormeo mattress, you can also purchase:

    • A mattress protector that will keep your bed clean and dry
    • An Octasmart pillow that will support your head and shoulders by molding to their shape
    • An Octasmart mattress topper for extra coziness and support during sleep

    Warranty & Trial Period

    The Octasmart Plus mattress has an 18-year warranty and a 60-night sleep trial with a money-back guarantee. The extended warranty is proof of how long-lasting your bed will be and is longer than most other brands, including high-end ones like iGel mattresses (10 years).

    Still, if you’re unhappy with your purchase and want to return your mattress, you just need to call this number 0800 224 8361, and a customer service representative will explain the returning process.

    The Dormeo warranty covers faulty workmanship or materials. If your mattress becomes softer or the thickness is reduced by 5–15%, that is considered normal and isn’t covered by warranty.

    Mattress Delivery

    The Dormeo Octasmart Plus is delivered rolled and vacuum-packed. This way, it’s easier for transportation, and it’s better protected. The delivery and returns of Dormeo beds are free.

    When unpacking your mattress, be careful not to use a very sharp object to protect the comfort layer when cutting the wrap. When you open your mattress, there will be some off-gassing because of the delivery method, but the odour goes away after a few days.

    After unrolling the mattress, it will be wrinkly, but give it 15 minutes, and it will regain its standard shape. It’ll be ready to sleep on after 6–8 hours.

    Delivery takes about 14 business days.

    Sizes & Pricing

    The Octasmart Plus comes in four sizes. Let’s check them out along with their prices (with a discount available at the time of publishing applied):

    Size Dimensions Price
    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Single mattress 190cm X 90cm £599.99
    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Double mattress 190cm X 135cm  £799.99
    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Small Double mattress 190cm X 120cm £799.99
    Dormeo Octasmart Plus King mattress 200cm X 150cm £999.99
    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Super King mattress 200cm X 180cm  £1,199.99

    To see which sleeping products are on sale, you can visit the Dormeo website and check out their selection of products.

    Also, you can get promo codes, discount codes, coupons, and deals for some Dormeo sleeping products.

    When it comes to payments, Dormeo offers the option to “pay later with Klarna.” For orders over £159, you can split your payment into three equal monthly installments. You also get interest-free credit for purchases over £249.

    You can use your credit card or PayPal account to make a purchase.

    Other Beds in the Octaspring Collection

    There are several mattresses in the Octaspring Collection. Let’s check out each one of them:

    Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress

    The Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid mattress is a 22cm deep mattress with four layers. The materials used for this model are high-quality memory foam, Octaspring technology, individual pocket springs, and Ecocell foam as the base.

    According to Dormeo Hybrid reviews, the smart cover is hypoallergenic, which means it protects people from getting allergies. The Octaspring layer allows airflow and reduces heat, so this mattress is eight times more breathable than regular foam beds. It’s also worth noting that it’s medium-firm.

    Octasmart Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

    This mattress is 19cm deep and has three layers. It’s got three body zones for maximum comfort and support. It’s medium-firm (more towards soft), so it’s ideal for side sleepers. It’s got a smart performance cover, luxurious memory foam, Octaspring Technology, and Ecocell foam. It also features an Octavent Air system which helps with air circulation and heat reduction. It comes in four sizes.

    Octasmart Hybrid Mattress

    This mattress consists of three layers, is 22cm deep, and is medium-firm. The first layer is luxurious memory foam, the second layer is Octasprings, and the base is Ecocell memory foam. Like other models from this brand, this one has an 18-year warranty. 

    The Octaspring Technology, the Aerocell foam, and the Octavent Air System allow the mattress to “breathe” and reduce heat. The bed isolates motion and isn’t noisy at all. You can find it in four sizes.

    Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe Mattress

    The Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe has four layers and is 24cm deep. The first is made of luxurious memory foam; for support, you have the Octaspring Technology layer, an 8cm-tall individual pocket springs that support and protect your body. And the last layer is Ecocell foam, which is the firmest and serves as the base. 

    The mattress is hypoallergenic and provides good air circulation. It’s got smart zoning for the highest body parts (especially for side sleepers). This mattress has an 18-year warranty, and you can purchase it in four different sizes.

    Octasmart Classic Mattress

    The Octasmart Classic is a three-layer mattress that’s 17cm deep. The first layer is an Aerocell foam that takes the shape of the sleeper’s body. Then comes the Octaspring Technology, which is 9cm thick, to provide the best support. And the last layer is firm Ecocell foam serving as the base. 

    This mattress has an Octavent Air System to provide cooling and air circulation, and it’s got smart zoning, too. It comes in four sizes, has an 18-year warranty, and is medium-firm.

    Customer Reviews

    Dormeo mattress reviews are mostly positive, but there are a few complaints too. Let’s check out what people have to say.


    The UK brand has a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot by over 20,000 reviews. 80% of the reviewers rate Dormeo as excellent, whereas only 5% give it a bad score. 

    In most comments, people say that the mattresses are very comfortable, the service is good, and that they’re pleased with the quality and delivery. As for the complaints, they are mostly related to firmness or late delivery. 

    One of the best things about Dormeo is that it replies to almost every negative comment on Trustpilot and always tries to address issues and concerns.


    On Amazon, the Dormeo Octasmart Plus has a 4-star rating. 54% give the model an excellent score, while only 9% give it a bad rating. 

    In most comments, people say that this Dormeo mattress gave them relief from hip or back pains or that it’s one of the most comfortable beds they’ve slept on. 

    On the other hand, some people complain that it didn’t help with their back pains.

    You can also check out some Dormeo Awards on the company’s website. Here are a couple of distinctions:

    • The Octaspring Body Zone Mattress Topper passed the Consumer Quality Assessment Test in 2018 by the Good Housekeeping Institute.
    • The Dormeo Memory Plus mattress won a Which? Best Buy award in 2016–2017 for reliability, performance, safety, energy, efficiency, and value for money. 


    Although the Octasmart Plus is a wonderful mattress, it’s not the only one out there. Let’s see some alternatives and check out how they differ:

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus vs Simba Cool Foam

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Simba Cool Foam
    Comfort Very comfortable Very comfortable
    Support Very supportive Very supportive
    Firmness Medium-firm (6.5/10 on a firmness scale) Medium-firm (6/10 on a firmness scale)
    Layers 3 3
    Delivery method Delivered rolled and compressed Delivered in a box
    Depth 17cm 14cm
    Airflow Allows airflow (great for hot sleepers) Allows airflow (great for hot sleepers)
    Motion Isolation Excellent Excellent
    Manufactured In Italy In the UK
    Warranty 18 years 10 years
    Trial period 60 nights 200 nights
    Sizes 4 3
    Price £599.99–£1,199.99 £185–£215

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus vs Emma Original

    Dormeo Octasmart Plus Emma Original
    Comfort Very comfortable Very comfortable
    Support Very supportive Very supportive
    Firmness Medium-firm (6.5/10 on a firmness scale) Medium-firm (6/10 on a firmness scale)
    Layers 3 3
    Delivery method Delivered rolled and compressed Delivered rolled and compressed
    Depth 17cm 25cm
    Airflow Allows airflow (great for hot sleepers) Limited airflow
    Motion Isolation Excellent Excellent
    Manufactured In Italy In the UK
    Warranty 18 years 10 years
    Trial Period 60 nights 200 nights
    Sizes 4 5
    Price £599.99–£1,199.99 £449-£899

    Bottom Line

    If you want a long-lasting, comfortable, and supportive mattress, then the Dormeo Octasmart Plus may be the right model for you. It might be a little costly, but it’s worth the price, and you get an 18-year warranty.

    Furthermore, it has a unique design that provides a cooling effect and air circulation for hot sleepers. Smart zoning is a bonus since it offers extra support for the high points of your body.

    We hope we’ve helped you choose your next mattress with this review. In the end, your needs and preferences are what determines the best option for you.


    Are Dormeo mattresses any good?

    Dormeo offers high-quality mattresses. The brand’s models provide comfort, support and have many positive customer comments. The Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress reviews are particularly favourable.

    Do you need a mattress topper?

    Not necessarily–it’s mainly up to you if you want extra support and coziness.

    Are Octasmart mattresses good?

    Given that all models of this range have Octaspring Technology, smart zoning, and an Octavent Air System, they are better than good.

    What is Octasmart?

    That is the name of the Dormeo mattress collection with unique Octaspring technology for more comfort and air circulation.

    How much should a good mattress cost?

    Good quality mattresses are usually in the £500–£900 range.

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