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Are the Good Dormeo Memory Classic Reviews Justified?

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Mattress type: Memory foam
Mattress depth: 14cm
Trial : 60 nights
Warranty : 15 years
Price: £319.99-£619.99

Updated: November, 7, 2022


  • Affordable
  • 15-year warranty
  • Great for stomach sleepers
  • Breathable Ecocell foam
  • Anti-allergic
  • Free delivery and return
  • Cons

  • Thin
  • Short trial
  • No bounciness
  • The Dormeo Memory Classic is one of the comfiest and affordable mattresses on the market.

    But is it firm enough? Does it have any cooling features?

    The Don’t Disappoint Me team went through many Dormeo Memory Classic reviews to find out what details about this model are out there and which ones are missing. Then we compiled this comprehensive review with everything you need to know about the mattress.

    Keep reading to find out if this product is the right fit for you.


    Comfort 9/10
    Support 9/10
    Motion Isolation 9.5/10
    Cooling 10/10
    Edge Support 9/10
    Company Reputation 10/10
    Value for Money 10/10

    Dormeo: Brand Snapshot

    Dormeo is one of the most popular mattress brands on the market. Studio Moderna Group first started producing its Dormeo memory foam mattresses back in 2002 in Italy. 

    To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the manufacturer opened its first showroom in the UK, operating under the Dormeo UK Limited company. The brand’s products are available in 40 countries, and just in the last ten years, it sold millions of mattresses.

    Material & Construction

    As we noted earlier, we’ll have a detailed look at every aspect of the mattress in our Dormeo Memory Classic review. So let’s start with the material of the bed. This model is 14cm tall and is made of two layers of foam.

    The first layer is 2cm and is sewn directly into the cover. But what makes this mattress different from others on the market is the 12cm of breathable Ecocell foam. It provides extra air circulation and support, making the bed more comfortable. It also has anti-allergenic properties.

    An interesting fact about memory foam is that it was initially designed for NASA.


    The Dormeo Classic mattress is medium-firm, which means it’s suitable for all kinds of sleepers. If we rate the firmness level on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is sleeping on a cloud, and 10 is sleeping on concrete, we give this mattress 7.

    Comfort & Support

    Many customer Dormeo mattress reviews in the UK say that this model has changed their sleep for the better. The two layers of foam let you sink in just enough so that your spine is supported.

    The Dormeo memory foam mattress is suitable for all sleeping styles, as it’s made of pressure-relieving materials. But stomach sleepers and heavier people are the ones most likely to benefit from it. Still, it can also be good for side sleepers and lightweight people, especially if they like the medium-firm feel. But if you sleep on your side and prefer a bit more softness, you may want to check out Dormeo Memory Plus.

    Temperature Regulation

    Although most Dormeo beds don’t have any special features for temperature regulation, even if you are not a hot sleeper, the Dormeo Memory Classic Ecocell core helps you stay cool and refreshed. Another choice available from Dormeo is the Fresh Deluxe memory foam mattress which will support you and cool you throughout the night. 

    Motion Transfer

    One of the key advantages of foam beds is the good motion isolation. And this model is no different—the Dormeo memory mattress reduces motion transfer, so you won’t be woken up by the movements of your partner during the night, making this an excellent bed for couples.

    Edge Support

    Although many foam mattresses don’t have great edge support in general, this one performs above average in this respect. The 14cm deep memory foam provides excellent support around the perimeter, even for heavier sleepers, who tend to sink into the bed.

    Another cool thing about this mattress from Dormeo is that it doesn’t have a weight limit.

    Durability and Maintenance

    What makes the Dormeo Memory Classic mattress different from similar models is that its life is longer than usual—typical foam beds last eight to ten years on average. In fact, many Dormeo reviews by customers praise its durability.

    Another interesting thing about this model is that you don’t need to flip it; you just need to rotate it from time to time. However, the cover is not removable, meaning that you need to follow the instructions that come with the bed if you want to keep it clean.

    Mattress Accessories

    You can often find a Dormeo mattress sale on the company’s website, but other products are also sold at a discount from time to time. The brand offers all kinds of sleep accessories—from pillows to protectors and more. Let’s go over each of them in a bit more detail.

    The Dormeo anti-allergic mattress protector: The Dormeo protector is made of a microfibre material and has a deep elastic skirt that’s washable. You can have this product for £19.99.

    The Dormeo Pillow: The company offers different kinds of pillows for all types of sleepers. One of the most popular ones is the Dormeo Octasense which combines two support levels. You can have it for £49.99, including delivery and a 60-night trial.

    The Dormeo Topper: There are also different kinds of toppers at various price points. The company offers these for Single, Double, King, and Super King beds, all designed to provide extra support.

    Warranty & Trial Period

    Unlike other foam mattresses, the Dormeo Memory Classic offers a 15-year warranty—five years more than other mattresses. The company guarantees that it will repair or replace any manufacturing flaws in the bed. But the warranty does not cover any damages resulting from careless treatment or damage from transportation.

    The Dormeo Memory Classic mattress also provides a 60-night trial, meaning that if you are not satisfied with the bed, you can get a full refund. This is a relatively short trial, especially compared to rivals like Emma, which offer a generous 200-night period.

    Mattress Delivery

    The company offers free delivery for all its mattresses. It ships to all addresses across the UK but not to Gibraltar and the Channel Islands. For every order that costs £79 or less, you’re charged an extra £4.95 for shipping. 

    Although the usual time for the mattress delivery is 21–28 days, the couriers will set up your new mattress and remove the old one at no additional charge.

    Similar to any Dormeo mattress, this one is also vacuum-packed, and once you unpack it, it takes eight hours until it’s ready for use. However, the company recommends you spread out the mattress and wait 24 hours so that it reaches its full depth.

    Sizes & Pricing

    One of the main reasons so many people choose this brand is that the Dormeo mattress price range is one of the most budget-friendly on the market. Let’s check out the different sizes this model comes in.

    Size Dimensions Price
    Dormeo Memory Classic Single mattress 190cm X 90cm £319.99
    Dormeo Memory Classic Double mattress 190cm X 135cm  £399.99
    Dormeo Memory Classic King mattress 200cm X 150cm £519.99
    Dormeo Memory Classic Super King mattress 200cm X 180cm  £619.99

    Customer Reviews

    Now, let’s take a closer look at how this Dormeo model rates in customer reviews on its official site, Trustpilot and Amazon.

    • Dormeo site: The mattress has a 4.1 rating out of 5 on the Dormeo website.
    • Trustpilot: On this site, the model has a rating of 4.3 stars. This is better than most competitors, although lower than top performers like the Eve mattress (4.5).
    • Amazon: Over half of customer reviews on Amazon give this product a 5-star rating and the overall score is 4.1.

    Awards & Certifications

    The Dormeo Memory Classic has been among the best mattresses in over a decade, and it has won some awards along the way. A few that are definitely worth mentioning are the IF Design Award in 2009 and the Crystal Cabin Award in 2017. 

    What’s more, the mattress is certified by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA).

    Mattress Alternatives

    What’s the best memory foam mattress on the market? In this section, we will compare how the Dormeo Memory Classic ranks among three of the most popular all-foam models.

    Dormeo Memory Classic vs Emma Mattress

    Dormeo and Emma are ranked among the best products out there. Still, the Emma mattress has one advantage—its cover is 100% cotton and is machine washable.

    But the Dormeo mattress tops every other foam bed with its Ecocell material, which offers more breathability. When it comes to pricing, the Emma mattress will cost you somewhere between £299–£649, making Dormeo the slightly pricier option.

    Dormeo Memory Classic vs Eve Mattress

    One key distinction between the two is that Eve offers only one new generation foam model, while Dormeo has several. 

    What’s more, Dormeo has a 15-year warranty on its mattresses, while Eve offers 10. As for similarities, both offer free delivery and come at a low price.

    Dormeo Memory Classic vs Leesa Mattress

    Lessa is made of high-quality foam layers, while Dormeo is made from breathable Ecocell foam. Both are medium-firm mattresses, and both offer a free trial. However, with Leesa, you get a 100-night risk-free trial, while with Dormeo, you get 60 nights. 

    Additionally, one of the most significant disadvantages of Leesa is that since April 2020, it doesn’t operate in the UK and Europe.

    Bottom Line

    Our final verdict is that if you are on a budget and want a comfortable mattress that can help you get a good night’s sleep, the Dormeo Memory Classic may be an excellent choice for you. 

    The breathable Ecocell foam makes it one of the best mattresses on the market and is suitable for all types of sleepers.


    Are Dormeo mattresses any good?

    Dormeo is one of the most popular manufacturers on the market. All of its models are FIRA-approved, and some have even won awards.

    What is the best Dormeo mattress?

    Dormeo offers many models for all kinds of sleepers. However, the best Dormeo mattress might be the Octasmart Hybrid Plus which comes at £799 for a King size.

    How long do you leave a Dormeo mattress?

    All mattresses from Dormeo are vacuum-packed. Once you open the box, it usually takes up to 15 minutes for the bed to regain its original shape. However, the company recommends you spread out the mattress and wait 24 hours so that it reaches its full depth.

    How long does a Dormeo mattress last?

    Most foam mattresses have an average lifespan of around ten years. But as noted in many Dormeo Memory Classic reviews by customers, this model can last up to 15 years. What’s more, all Dormeo beds come with a 15-year warranty and a 60-night risk-free trial.

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